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    Vortex Diamonback Binos and tripod

    How much for just the Binos? Understandable if you are not trying to split everything up.
  2. eastvalleyjerry

    Buck of a lifetime!!

    Definitely a BAD buck. Congrats
  3. eastvalleyjerry

    First Post

    Hi Everyone, Long time lurker first time posting. I am always entertained by the banter and amazing animals you guys post on here. I figured it was time for me give back a little and at least start putting some pictures up. I got this little deer the last day of December 2016 so i was not being picky. Spotted him going over a hill made a good stock that gave me nice 50 yd shot. I didn't get drawn for anything this year as usual so i will be heading up this weekend for a little more archery action. I hope everyone has a great year and good weekend if you are going out. I will get some more pictures up eventually but i figured start with my smallest animal and then let them get bigger and bigger. Best Regards, Ethan
  4. eastvalleyjerry

    First Post

    To his defense i did have to whip out the 15x56's at 100 yards to make sure it had antlers . It also helped that he was by himself. Probably the best tasting meat that i have ever had.
  5. eastvalleyjerry

    First Post

    yeah the spikes don't get a pass on the last day lol
  6. eastvalleyjerry

    First Post

    This was my third archery deer shot a nice 4x3 and 2x2 before this little guy, sorry wasn't too clear on that. I will get more pictures up eventually, don't have any on my new phone. I also shot the elk in my avatar with my bow.
  7. eastvalleyjerry

    First Post

    Thanks Guys, I was using a maxima 350 carbon express with a fixed 3 blade muzzy and yes it went right through the shoulder blade and passed all the way through on the other side.