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  1. huntz

    Any Ice on Sunrise?

    I was at Luna lake on Monday ice was 4-6 inches thick depending on where you are on the lake. I’m assuming there is more ice on sunrise and other Rez lakes being that there a higher elevation. Fish where biting on corn and worms about 20 feet of the shore by the boat dock or by the ramp! Fish about a foot of the bottom! Fish are big and healthy in Luna!
  2. huntz

    Detour if you're heading to the Kaibab

  3. huntz

    late rifle 4a

    Ive been out scouting and have seen lots of elk over by chevelon canyon and woods canyon. Are there still gong to be elk in those areas come the hunt or are they going to have moved down to the northern part of the unit and are there year round populations in the northern parts of the unit?
  4. huntz

    Killik camo

    Does anybody use This camo in the K 1 pattern? Is it a good pattern for deserts through high pine forest?
  5. huntz

    Lower Black River

    I like to go in October when the rains have died down and it’s cooler then too!
  6. I’ve been thinking about making the switch to AAE max hunters. Has anybody use these? Should I just stay blazers?
  7. huntz

    San Carlos

    I thought those would survive and the crappie die!
  8. huntz

    San Carlos

    So the dead fish are carp, cats and shad?
  9. huntz

    San Carlos

    Man, thats a lot of crappie! Was there any catish or carp dead?
  10. huntz

    flathead rod and reel

    Im looking for a flathead rod and reel for cheap! what do you guys use?
  11. huntz

    New World Record Trout Caught in Arizona

    One shot, your just jealous you didnt catch a world record Gila trout!
  12. huntz

    roosevelt catfish

    Does anyone know how that cat fishings been lately from shore?
  13. huntz

    San Carlos

    Awesome thanks
  14. huntz

    San Carlos

    Has anybody been out to San Carlos lately? Im thinking about going out there to try for some cats and crappie! Thanks
  15. huntz

    Lake Mohave

    Great thanks