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  1. Oh hunter

    Sold Thanks

    Would u sell just the barrel?
  2. Oh hunter

    Wtb 6.5 140gr elite hunters

    Looking for a box or two for my boys rifle if anyone has any to spare have a bunch of stuff can trade or buy outright thanks in advance
  3. Oh hunter

    Hornady Precision 7mm WSM. Copper Creek 7mm WSM

    I’ll take the 180 vld pm sent
  4. Oh hunter

    Might be a scammer

    Tried getting me on some 180 Berger’s to lol
  5. Oh hunter

    Wtb 7mm 180 Berger vld hunting

    Looking for a 100 or so of 180 Berger vld hunting can buy outright or have plenty of stuff I could trade
  6. Looking for a 20 moa rail for rem 700 s/a
  7. Oh hunter


    Have a couple star trolling rods w/ shimano tld 20 reels if interested
  8. Oh hunter

    Wtb NF shv 5-20x56

    Looking for a nightforce shv 5-20x56 force plex with exposed elevation turret if anyone has one lying around taking up space