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  1. New Memorial Day Sale price! TTT
  2. No sorry, i should have mentioned it. I need them for the scope.
  3. Selling my Savage 10T Tactical in .308 This is NEW and in the box, never shot. $550 Call or Tex Brian Gilbert, AZ 602-904-2132
  4. Fors3

    How to Post a rifle for sale

    I went to Couswhitetail.com, tried to log in and it sent me to an error site that it could not find. So unable to log into the site. Wanting to know how to post a rifle for sale. Savage T10 Tactical .308 NIB - Never shot and still in the box. Thank you for helping me to post a sale item on the site.
  5. Fors3

    How to Post a rifle for sale

    ok, I found it, thank you!! I think I posted it right. Did not realize the classifieds were on the forum, thought they were on the website. But got it Thank you all
  6. Fors3

    How to Post a rifle for sale

    Couswhitetail.com page will not let me log in, when I click log in it takes me to an error page. I would think I would have to log into that site to post and maybe after I log in i can see the Classifieds banner to post?
  7. Fors3

    How to Post a rifle for sale

    Where is the classifieds banner to do that? I can not see it across the top of couswhitetail.com or on the forum.