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  1. masfeo60

    Whats In A Name

    I was born in 60 and masfeo means mas - more and feo - ugly. In my younger days everyone of your friends you saw you would greet them with - Hola feo. Then of course more ugly came to lite.
  2. masfeo60

    first archery coues

    Beautiful buck, he’s awesome.
  3. masfeo60


    I’m hoping the addition by subtraction will work. I want to see them move on from Yoshi, Avila, MacFarland, and Adam Jones. Lot of money is freed up, for replacements. I hope.
  4. For sale, Savage model 11 in 308, 22” barrel, with bipod on picatinny rail, 6x9 Nikon scope, $300.
  5. I placed it in the Classified section, here is the link: Let me know what you think.
  6. If anyone is looking for a complete bow set up, I hope I have what you may be looking for. It’s at #54 pounds but you can make it #70. It’s currently at 28” draw and is at a 75% letoff. It has new ABB bow strings, an Apex single pin site, front and rear stabilizers. It’s in great shape and hit hard. Make me an offer I can live with.
  7. masfeo60

    My first Coues

    Thanks guys, the grey ghost is certainly a beautiful animal.
  8. masfeo60

    Hunting out of a blind

    A friend and I set up trail cameras 4 weeks before the opener near a water hole, then 2weeks later when we saw the activity on the cameras we set up the blind and set up cover around it. Come opening day we were in the blind at 4:30am, but I didn’t shoot my Coues until 7:15 at sunset. Long day, but I got a great Coues and I’m very happy With the results.
  9. masfeo60

    My first Coues

    Bone collector, thanks.
  10. masfeo60

    My first Coues

    Me too, the cape is at the Taxidermist’s, it’s my first you know, so I had too, and the meat is at the processors.
  11. masfeo60

    My first Coues

    Hi folks, and I wanted to share my first hunt with you all. I’m in Phoenix Arizona, and on Friday I took my first deer on opening day., and it was a Coues Deer. My buddy Jason who was my guide and really knowledgeable with hunting with a bow and a gun. We sat in a blind from 4:30am until 7:15 pm when I took my shot at 40 yards with my PSE Evolve bow, after the hit it walked 50 yards and laid down under a tree. We were in Unit 22 hunting over water, and if your in Phx, you know we have had very little water this summer. It was a long day with temperatures at 103’ and even hotter in the ground blind. I’m 59 in age and it was a long day, but oh my was it worth it. I couldn’t be happier