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  1. Asm123

    Non Covid bug going around

    I did about three weeks ago. Basically a cold that lasted a couple of days with a mild cough that went away in about 10 days. Went and got tested so I wouldn't miss to much work, PCR and the quick test, both negative. I haven't done any social distancing, masking or vaxxing since this nonsense started and this was the first time I've been sick in years. Wonder if maybe since the vax no longer works maybe the covid tests are having issues with all the new covid strains.
  2. Asm123

    Prayers and....

  3. Asm123

    Looking for information..

    Not trying to be rude but based on your question I'd bet you could probably be given the best Jave honeyhole and not see a thing. You should focus on figuring out why you're judging the area solely on whether you've seen an animal. Lots of ways of scout Jave that dont involve actually seeing them, although it's nice when it happens.
  4. Asm123

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    So Im an AZ resident and started hunting a couple of years ago after getting a spark from watching youtube videos. Randy, THP and Hush mostly. Since then ive gotten at least one tag every time Ive put in. Ive also been able to take my son out on a couple of small game hunts as a result. I might be wrong but my understanding is NRs are limited to 10% of the tags drawn or something along those lines. Meaning more NR apps doesnt necessarily mean more NR draw competition for residents and AZGFD is able to make more money that way without impacting the quality of hunts for residents. On paying youtubers to hunt AZ I'd need to know how much is actually spent vs how it impacts income from NR applicants to say if its a good idea or bad idea. That said if the result is AZGFD gets more funds to meet their mission and it gets more people engaged in hunting, guns and the outdoors then Im good with it.
  5. Asm123

    Assault weapon ban

    Hey all. The way I see it the best way to stop this sort of non-sense is to keep the filibuster. No new gun laws or much else as long as the Dems need 60 votes in the Senate. If you're in Arizona that means you're key since Sen. Sinema is one of the few good Dems out there and has already pledged to keep the filibuster, Manchin is the only other one I know of. Obviously Pelosi and Shumer are pressing them to get rid of it right about now. So if you haven't already, reach out to her, give her a call or email, and let her know how appreciative you are for her standing firm on supporting the filibuster. https://www.sinema.senate.gov/
  6. Asm123


    That went sideways quick lol.
  7. Asm123


    Great point. The problem they're trying to address is seemingly caused by a small group of people, guides in premier units, in a small number of units and the group of people causing the issue are already regulated differently than the average hunter. Why not used a targeted rule to address the issue and aimed specifically at guides instead of roping in a bunch of people who have nothing to do with it. Important to note, trail cams in non premier units seems to be a non issue. While scouting water sources where I hunt I have seen zero cams and have had guides and cams impact my hunts zero times. Weve got enough rules as it is and should make an effort to accommodate individual hunting styles as much as possible and reasonable.
  8. Asm123


    I can see the issue. In certain units with high value hunts guides are putting up a lot of cameras around water sources, disturbing them, leaving their scent and generally being obnoxious. The problem I see with the rules they're looking at is that theyre too broad and may not be enforceable/effective. Seems like a better idea might be to ban cams in certain units all together or write specific rules for guides who are actually causing the problem rather than punishing the average Joe for using cameras. Something like "licensed guides and their agents may not place cams within half a mile of a water source and their cams must have id and contact info on the cams" might work. Also might add I have yet to see a camera in the field in the areas I hunt but generally dont have an issue with them as long as people arent being stupid about them.
  9. Asm123

    HAM Question

    If you're judged by the letter of the law it seems like you'd be ok. If they use the "spirit of the law" you might have problems. You never know nowadays how the law will be interpreted.
  10. Asm123

    Drought and Javelina?

    There were lots of dry waterholes out there. Ive been scouting out a herd in an area with no permanent water source that I know of and none really close by, but still have sighted them. Prickly pear is their favorite food partially because it is a dependable water source for them during dry years like this, heck even the cattle will eat it for water when things get dry. Alternatively herds were probably munching on cholla fruit if prickly pear was not available, same reason, for the water.