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  1. Idahocoueshunter

    Leftover tag question

    Well, thanks for the information. I’ve heard applications are up 17-20%. Most western states are up from years past. Coronavirus is supposed to be a factor, but I don’t know. Idaho said it was about 17% over last year. I couldn’t draw last year, so sure as heck didn’t draw this year. I’ll be hunting a lot of birds, I guess.
  2. Idahocoueshunter

    Leftover tag question

    Were the leftover tags for deer open for out of state hunters, despite the non resident cap meeting the quota in the first draw? We called AZGFD after the leftover tag list came out. The lady I spoke with said the tags would be available, via written applications, by US mail, no sooner than 0800 hours on July 20, regardless of residency, on a first come basis. I guess it’s possible we just didn’t draw for a second time, but at 1530 hours on July 20th, one tag was still available. Does anyone have any insight on the drawing process for leftover permits? Thanks. Craig.
  3. Idahocoueshunter

    New to coues

    I look for three points, with a large front fork and eye guards. Heavy is a bonus. Helps with good optics and enough time to evaluate, but if I have to react quickly, that's what I look for.
  4. Idahocoueshunter

    Online draw

    Has anyone been able to apply online yet? The regs say early to mid May. Is there any information that there is another glitch in the app process? I've sent emails to AZG&F with zero responses back. Wonder if I should go the paper application again. Thanks. Craig
  5. Idahocoueshunter

    Your Thoughts??? (pic)

    Very nice!! I'm no expert but he looks to me about 110 or so. Anyone would be proud to tag that one.
  6. Idahocoueshunter

    30A Any rain?

    Just wondering if 30A has been getting any rain? The weather channel always seems to cut off the south eastern part of Arizona. The last time I was down, the country was dry as a bone and most of the mohogany had hardly leafed out. Hopefully by November, the area will have gotten some moisture, even though it may be too late to help with antler growth. Craig.
  7. Idahocoueshunter

    First hunt(s)

    First buck was a 4 point Mule Deer shot in the Dos Cabazes Mountains way back in 1972. My dad was with me, headed back to camp after a long day. My first exposure to gutting a deer and getting back in the pitch black. That was the first of many hunts getting back to camp in the dark. One can't even see a mule deer in the high country of the Dos Cabazes now. I'm not sure what changed. Moving to Idaho opened up diffenent hunting experiences including goats and moose. I still look forward to fall and my Coues hunts in southern Arizona. Craig.
  8. Idahocoueshunter

    2013 draw results ?

    Not looking good, with all your cards being hit. I've checked mine twice today and nothing. Do they draw in a certain sequence that my zone may not be drawn yet, does anyone know? Craig
  9. Idahocoueshunter

    Lion tags

    I was wondering about getting a lion tag while hunting this fall. I have yet to see a lion, but I have seen the scratches and deer kills, but I think it is just a matter of time before I glass one up. Are lion tags sold over the counter to non residents? I'd hate to have an opportunity and no tag. Craig.
  10. Idahocoueshunter

    Tags in the Mail

    FINALLY! Got mine yesterday. Now its the agonizing count down to November. Craig
  11. Idahocoueshunter

    June Sheds

    Looks like a fantastic family outting, and finding sheds to boot. The smile on the boys faces says it all. Thanks for the pictures. Craig.
  12. Idahocoueshunter

    Couple Whites....

    Sure looks like the same genetics to me. I found mule deer sheds from successive years, and even the non typical points were the same. Nice find. Craig
  13. Idahocoueshunter

    a good find...

    Always nice to find a bonus like that. Hope I see him in November. Craig.
  14. Idahocoueshunter

    Mount Back

    Handsome buck, congratulations. I like the mass and split eyeguard, lots of character. Craig.
  15. Idahocoueshunter


    Thanks. I don't ever remember it being as dry as it was last year. Consequently, I didn't find any good bucks either, so I'm sure the drought had an effect on antler growth. With the early rains and now entering the monsoon season, I might find a worthy buck. Craig.