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  1. nvmulie

    Various Rifle scopes for Sale

    Pentax Gameseeker 4x12x40 pruce reduction to $100.00 obo comes with rings as shown
  2. nvmulie

    Various Rifle scopes for Sale

    The reticle is wide duplex
  3. nvmulie

    Various Rifle scopes for Sale

    When I get home today I will check for you
  4. nvmulie

    Various Rifle scopes for Sale

    I have a pending pickup today
  5. I have two scopes for sale. Pentax Gameseeker 4x12x40 asking $100.00 obo. With mounts price reduction Leupold Rifleman 3-9 X 40 brand new never used asking $150.00. OBO Text or call 480-603-5118 John located in Chandler
  6. nvmulie

    Hog hunt help

    I would agree with Ed67, my buddy and I hunted on the Dos Plumas ranch last year and before we left we reserved for the this year. We will be hunting it next weekend, pricing is good, accommodations are comfortable, and there are plenty of hogs to choose from.
  7. nvmulie

    Ruger M77 30-06 - SOLD

    Still available?
  8. nvmulie

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    Where were you when you found that?
  9. nvmulie

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    Hunt update, hunted hard for 9 days saw a total of 10 deer, 3 bucks and 7 doe's. A good friend caught up with me on the last day and with his 50+ years of hunting the area and understanding the deer patterns after they get water he led me to this buck. He is not the monster that is on display at the Ron's place but a nice one just the same. Thank you for all of the suggestions and yes the OnX Hunt app is the real
  10. nvmulie

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    Well we went up this weekend to check things out and ran into a buddy of mine in Springerville, he took us to areas where he and his brother had seen deer. Which gave us some hope for the hunt, did not see any deer, but saw plenty of tracks around the water tanks he took us to.
  11. nvmulie

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    That there is one nice rack!! So there is some hope 😁
  12. nvmulie

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    Nice bucks
  13. nvmulie

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    Thank you for the input we are anticipating a tough hunt and we are heading up this weekend to check it out. May look around the Lyman lake area. I thought I heard someone say the area along the New Mexico border is decent.