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  1. Slayer

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    My understanding is they run the cards all at once but some banks take a few days to show the pending charges. If you know your bank shows pending charges right away then I would say you are SOL like me if you dont have a charge showing yet! My bank charges post pending immediately and nothing showing for me.
  2. Slayer

    Credit Card Hit

    Good luck trying to sleep tonight... tomorrow should be exciting for some!
  3. Slayer

    Elk Harvest Statistics

    Where can we find harvest data for 2019 elk hunts? It used to be in the regs with draw odds, but I cant find them now. Thanks,
  4. Slayer

    CC Hit

    Is it Friday yet....??
  5. Slayer

    Elk draw website down

    When are they gonna hit cards? March 1st?
  6. Slayer

    1 Day!!!

    Good luck trying to sleep tonight....
  7. Slayer

    1 Day!!!

    Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...
  8. Slayer

    1 Day!!!

    Elderly Archery sounds like an interesting hunt... is that a urban or wilderness type hunt... 🤪
  9. Slayer

    1 Day!!!

    10 days...
  10. Slayer

    Draw progress

    That progress bar tells me 3 of the 5 phases of the draw are complete. Therefore no more credit card processing. Its done! There might be some guys that have charges show up in the next few days but that would be due to the delayed processing from thier banks, etc.
  11. Slayer

    Draw progress

    Where is this progress bar??
  12. Slayer

    3/17 CC Hits?

    I believe this to be true...Its about done! I'm outta luck this year!
  13. Slayer

    Elk Draw Readiness Checklist

    Create back-up plan, code name 'deer skewer' (also may be referred to as deer-ka-bob): check! Already made arrangements to go back to Nebraska for whitetails. My buddies car just got jacked up by a deer jumping up on his hood in front of them, so now it's a revenge mission. I could go for some deer-ka-bob!! Sounds yummy!!
  14. Slayer

    4B Roll Call

    Because if my card goes bad over the weekend I'll be burning down 5000 W carefree hwy Phoenix, AZ. Ha Ha Ha!!! Good Point! They better run those card fast before someone blows a gasket!!
  15. Slayer

    Draw progress

    Are you guys talking about cards being hit or having draw results out before the expo? I dont remember having results out before April before, but I do remember having credit cards hit the 3rd week of march in past years. Are they going to start hitting on friday??