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  1. Browning'sCustomMeat

    Game meat choice?

    #1 Antelope #2 Caribou #3 Moose #4 Coues #5 Elk
  2. Browning'sCustomMeat

    Hunt for More #17 **Bowhunting Mule Deer in the Rut

    Sweet Video....thanks for sharing. Gets the blood pumping
  3. Browning'sCustomMeat

    20gauge Looking to buy

    My sons is looking for a 20g, preferably an 870 but up for options. He wants to get his girlfriend shooting with him and hopes to find one by Christmas...... Let me know if any of you have one to get rid of. Thanks, -Jeremy-
  4. Browning'sCustomMeat

    .270wsm vs. .300wm

    I shoot a .270wsm. Sold my .300 so I could get it. have no regrets on the decision either. Wouldn't hesitate to use it on elk.
  5. Browning'sCustomMeat

    AZ Unit 33 Late

    Focus on the Rincons....
  6. My paps is selling a Savage .300 Mag, brand new in plastic and in box $500.00 Swarovski Spotting Scope, 20x60 ATS 65 Great condition $1650.00 Call John Browning if interested. 928-978-3229 Ill post pics a lil later this evening. Thanks for looking.... -Jeremy-
  7. Browning'sCustomMeat

    Unit 33 - First hunt

    plastic bags are the devil for meat while packing out. bags holds in the heat and will spoil it within a few hours. look at a post i created in "The Campfire" called "Processing FAQ's" it'll clear up with pillow cases and frozen bottles of water.
  8. Browning'sCustomMeat

    What Church do you attend?

    Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Holbrook AZ
  9. Browning'sCustomMeat


    Crazy!! Ive seen them on a herd of antelope, separate a doe and almost get it down. A couple of bucks came to the rescue and got the doe back with the herd. Wish i had a camera...
  10. Browning'sCustomMeat

    Spring Hunts

    Was thinking today....oh boy! lol Maybe someone knows and can tell me real quick. Hunt licenses are good for 365 days, rather than a calendar year. So when putting in for spring hunts we would use the license we have now and purchase new one when current one expired, evidently. But would we have to keep old license on hand while hunting if lucky enough to be drawn because old license number would be on tag and not the current one? -Jeremy-
  11. Browning'sCustomMeat

    First Archery Deer!!!!!!!

  12. Browning'sCustomMeat

    Coues & Turkey Down in Unit 22

    Spectacular!! Way to get it done
  13. Browning'sCustomMeat