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  1. Huntaholic

    6x8 Archery Bull Video

    Thanks Brain. As long as it was new to at least one person then it was worth posting again.
  2. Huntaholic

    6x8 Archery Bull Video

    I know I've posted this here before but just in case some of you missed it the first time here it is again.
  3. Huntaholic

    Cousin's 1st bull

    With elk season just around the corner I bet a lot of you are just like me and can't wait for the hunts to start. To help pass the time I thought I'd post an archery bull hunt I videoed a few years back. After 3 or 4 long years of applying my 18 year old cousin at the time finally drew his very 1st archery bull tag and it just happened to be in one of the better units throughout the great state of AZ. When he asked me to come tag along I was more then happy to help out as best as I could. Well after the first day it was very apparent that it was going to be a tough hunt mainly because I'm not a very good elk hunter but also because the bulls we were hunting weren't rutting all that good yet. For the first 8 days the Bulls were bugling at night and first light but nothing like we were hoping for. To this date this is one of the most rewarding elk hunts I've been on. Even though we didn't get one of the bigger bulls that we were after I was more then satisfied with just being able to help my cousin get his first bull. To get a better idea of how the hunt turned out for us please feel free to watch the video
  4. Huntaholic

    Check out what I found

    He is pretty symmetrical too bad he's chewed up a bit. Yes he does look like he had at least some velvet left on his rack when he died. Hopefully I can find some of his offspring in the next couple years.
  5. Huntaholic

    Check out what I found

    He does look like a horny toad maybe I should call him the horny toad buck. I've never seen anything even close to this buck in the area where I found him. I love burly bucks and I'd love to shoot one someday but this will do for now. I've only seen 1 other buck like this alive but he had half the burs this one has.
  6. Huntaholic

    What would you do?

    So Coach how'd you handle the situation?
  7. Huntaholic

    2010 October Coues 130" and 98"

    That's just Awesome! Congrats! Can you imagine how it would have felt if it was the 98 incher you shot and then you found the 130 feeding just 30 yards from your dead deer. This is one of those hunts I'd love to see on video. Great job thanks for sharing!
  8. So whats this bad boy score??
  9. Huntaholic

    Video of my Elk hunt

    Great vid thanks for taking the time to put it together and share it with us. I did feel like a few parts could have been cut shorter here and there but that's just my personal preference. The one thing to remember is that you'll never be able to please everyone when making a hunting video. Some guys want nothing but kill shots and loud music while others want the exact opposite. Make it how you like it and try to put your own style to it without copying other video out there and you should be fine. The only other thing that I can suggest is to work on the narration a bit more. The video starts out very nice. It was up beat and exciting but the narration was a bit too mono tone and didn't match up well with the excitement at the beginning of the video. Otherwise good stuff thanks again!
  10. Huntaholic

    Antlers I've found while hunting

    Sorry guys I think I found a way to put them to use I'll post a pic when I'm finished with what I plan on doing with them. Tjhunt2 I also had a dog that chewed up quite a few of my sheds but it was my fault because I trained him to find them. He was pretty good at it. When he found his 1st shed out in the hills he wouldn't give it to me so I had to let him keep it. Too bad because it was a pretty good 3 point muley and after a few days of chewing it was nothing but a big spike.
  11. Huntaholic

    Antlers I've found while hunting

    If I decide to get rid of them I'm going to just give them away for free. Doubt I could get much money out of them even if I tried. Coach your right about CRB he has already contacted me about the coues sheds. Even though they just lay around in my storage shed collecting dust and none of them are all that big I'm still having a tough time letting them go. I can remember where and when I found each one and it brings back some memories of past hunts. If I can't come up with a way to use them in some way then they'll have to go.
  12. Huntaholic

    Antlers I've found while hunting

    Here's some of the antlers I've found while out deer and elk hunting. I've never really been strictly shed hunting. I like looking for horns that are still attached. I'm thinking on getting rid of these because I don't have anywhere to put them but don't know if anyone would want old horn that someone else found. Coues Muley Elk(duh!)
  13. Huntaholic

    I Love Brownies!

    Very nice thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us.
  14. Great video! I like videos that show more then just the kill. You said you had a few more hunts on video please tell me at least one is a coues hunt. Thanks for sharing keep up the great work. Joe