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  1. mje1

    Unit 10 Antelope for youth hunter

    Good for her. You guys will have a blast
  2. mje1

    3/17 CC Hits?

    That's why I cashed in the points this year, I figured I'd wait until the season started later and was hoping for a lot of moisture so far so good hopefully it finishes with good monsoons
  3. mje1

    3/17 CC Hits?

    Finally drew I haven't drawn since 2005 only put in for unit 1 early archery bull now I hope for a good rut with the later start date and no moon.
  4. Bought this brand new about 8 months ago shot it about 20 times. Asking 100.00
  5. mje1

    Who is going to New Mexico

    Upside down pictures don't know how I did that
  6. mje1

    Who is going to New Mexico

    Got my first Turkey on Wednesday in New Mexico. Took a few days to get into some hot birds and called in a double. I Shot too quick not letting both birds get good and close so my buddy wasn't able to get the other one. First bird jitters I guess
  7. mje1

    Who is going to New Mexico

    Heading out Sunday staying thru Wednesday.
  8. mje1

    December pics?

    Here's my December Buck, I shot him on Monday at 340yards
  9. Oops put on wrong thread
  10. Here's my December Buck. Shot him at 340 yards.
  11. mje1

    How many of you have seen this?

    Happened to my son and I in unit 1 last week, we were a mile from the truck on a ridge I hadnt been on before so I didnt realize the lazy hunters had extended the road so much. we were working towards a bull my son spotted on another ridge. The Bull had just bedded and we were closing the distance in hopes he would maybe come to a call when a couple of trucks pulled up about 150yds above us one guy got out and bugled my son I both were saying dont answer and he didnt but the guy bugled again and the bull answered, those guys started getting their stuff when the so talented caller saw us and he threw his arms up at us repeatedly I guess he couldnt figure out why we were actually walking and not driving. I couldnt resist the two finger wave and we kept on our way needless to say we bumped a cow and it was over but atleast the lazy a$$e$ didnt get a chance in.
  12. mje1

    Unit 8 and 9 not managed for trophy elk

    My Son and I ran into the WM helping in unit 1 on wed before the archery hunt ended and I complained about the tag #s and his response was the Bull/Cow ratio was too high so it sounds like theyre talking out of both ends.
  13. mje1


    The bear I shot last year was tagged with the same tag, the warden I spoke to said it was fine to consume since it was a year later they just dont want you eating it right after it was tranquilized
  14. mje1

    antelope season is underway

    Just looked at the hunt survey data from 2007 thru 2011 and they always slaughter the bucks in there on the archery hunts in 2011 it was 86% on the 1st and 75% on the second with 30 tags in both and the years previous there were 40 tags and 40 to 60 % success so maybe it will still be a great hunt for you