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  1. RAM

    Mule deer

    Scouted this buck, had his pattern and was able to get on him at first light. My oldest son set up for a 300 yard shot and after the buck stood from his bed, he touched off his shot! High fives, hugs and uncontrollable yelling quickly followed lol... -Ryan
  2. RAM

    Any bulls down

    Hunted hard for 10 days. Was holding out for a 320+ but with only 4 days left and only one bull I physically saw that made that mark, I chose to fill my tag on this bull. Morning of day 10 (9am), he came in screaming and pushing his cow right to my buddy who was set up calling behind me. 30 yard broadside shot, the bull had no idea what happened. Good luck to those still hunting.
  3. RAM

    Monsoon report

    Ive got a September archery elk tag and have been following the weather closely. Im curious to hear from others what they are experiencing on their scouting trips? Full tanks, green grass, fat/healthy elk, antlers progression, how much rain areas have received etc..... -Ryan
  4. RAM

    Regs are out

    If you get time.... Resident late rifle bull / 4 points (27, 5b, 4a, 6a, 7w). Resident early archery bull / 4 points (5bs/n, 4a, 6a, 7e)
  5. Axisworks!!!! -Ryan
  6. RAM

    Back to back records

    Great job Joe! Buck of a lifetime, cant wait to see it in person!!! -Ryan
  7. I've got several items for sale........ 1). Outdoor floor mats, both are approximately 12'x9' (Depending on how flat you can get them to lay), they are gently used, come with their own carry bag and are priced to move. $40 each or $80 for both. 2). Weaver Grand Slam / Model 800610 / 2-8x36. I won this scope in a contest, I just have no use for it. It brand new and has never left the box. New list for $360.00, I'm asking $250.00 3). Swarovski SLC Binocular Tripod adaptor, used maybe once. Original packaging and in excellent condition. New list for $159.00, I'm asking $100. 4). Weaver Laser rangefinder. This has been gently used, performs great and is in excellent condition. New list for $269.00, I'm asking $150.00 I'm located in the West Valley, feel free to PM me with any questions! Thanks, -Ryan
  8. RAM

    Hunter education

    Thanks guys for the info, I appreciate the comments. Just to clarify my son has already taken and passed the online class, we are now registered and preparing for his field day.
  9. RAM

    Hunter education

    My son will be attending his field day soon and I was curious if anyone has any input on study material he can look at. I saw something about Kalkomey bookstore having some material, I just want to make sure he is looking at the proper information for his written and practical test. Thanks in advance, Ryan.
  10. RAM

    Late Archery and First Bull

    Congrats on a great bull. -Ryan
  11. RAM

    Savage 7mm for sale

    Sale pending on the rifle. The stock is still available. -Ryan
  12. RAM

    35B here we come

    Congrats on a good looking buck! -Ryan
  13. Awesome job guys! My oldest son will be hitting the hills next year and I found myself reading your story and dreaming of what it will be like with him....... I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Congrats on a beautiful buck.... -Ryan
  14. RAM

    Savage 7mm for sale

    This is a brand new rifle, never been fired and I am the first owner. I coming into possession of another rifle and will not be building this one. I am located in the west valley and can make arrangements to meet up if interested. I also have a Boyd stock which I purchased for it that I would be willing to sell if I can't return it. Feel free to PM me for any questions. Asking price $499.00 (Rifle) Savage model 111 Rem mag Asking price $200.00 (Stock) Respectfully, -Ryan