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  1. ruthunter

    SOLD Remington ultimate muzzle loader

    Smoking deal for someone.
  2. ruthunter

    SOLD - Item is no longer available

    Trade you a 65mm and cash for your 95mm?
  3. ruthunter

    Trade Swarovski 65 for 95

    I’m looking to trade a like new swaro 65mm obj for a 95mm. I’m willing to throw in a little cash aswell. Pm me if your interested or text. 602-758-5535
  4. If your interested in trading for a like new 65mm objective plus a little cash text me 602-758-5535. I also live in Peoria.
  5. ruthunter

    Muzzy bullets for elk

    I’m shooting an arrowhead 300gr xld with 115 gr of BH209 . I had arrowhead build me a custom muzzleloader. Thing is sweet.
  6. ruthunter

    Got a 21 mule deer tag.

    21 mule deer hunt. Most guys will shoot spikes and 2ptrs. Bucks in that unit don’t get age on them.
  7. ruthunter

    Got a deer tag unit 7 any tips?

    Point guard. Lol
  8. ruthunter

    late desert muzzy hunt

    Negative. Probably should of put in for that muzzy tag. Hope you shoot a giant.
  9. ruthunter

    late desert muzzy hunt

    Congrats on the tag. I thought about putting in for it with 10points but I opted out for a strip tag. I even had a custom muzzy built tht will shoot 500yds+.
  10. ruthunter

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    FYI: unit 9&10 are open for sheep in Oct Dumbass. My bad..I forgot y’all don’t read the regs.
  11. ruthunter

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    As mentioned earlier if “Nobull350” is Blake in disguise then he picked the right name as he won’t be legally killing and bull over or under 350” in the next 10years and probably another 15-20 by the time he is able to build points up again. If Nobull350 is truly his bro, then he is his biggest fan and is doing his best to make him sound like a hero in all this. Just like him saying he traded his lawyer fee’s for a bear hunt. Do you think a lawyer is stupid enough to be guided by a guy who was just convicted of poaching?
  12. ruthunter

    Outlaw bc777

    10 years it what it sounds like. 10 years of no hunting will eat at him bigtime. He may crack and start poaching again. I would only imagine he is being watched bigtime by Game and fish now. Hard to hide in a small town. I saw On Facebook that Heber posted all about his situation. Not sure why people are acting like he got a good deal? He lost his license, made a bad name for himself etc. He did all this just to act like a badass Hunter.
  13. ruthunter

    Outlaw bc777

    Doesn’t he lose his guides license along with his hunting license for (10) years???
  14. ruthunter

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    I don’t see your logic one bit. He doesn’t get to keep any of those animals beside maybe the (1) velvet rack that the coyotes supposedly ate. Even at that do you think he can ever hang that rack or show it off? The first person to see it would turn him in.
  15. ruthunter

    Outlaw bc777

    Dude poached a 4x4 2hundy buck a 4x5 velvet 2hundy buck a 6x6 buck and a 3x3 droptine buck. Wow! Does anyone have pics of the 4x5 or 6x6? I’m sure he posted them looking for recognition.