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  1. ruthunter

    WTT-8lbs N565 powder for H1000

    Looking to trade an 8lb jug of N565 unopened for 8lbs of unopened H1000. text if interested 602-758-5535
  2. ruthunter


    Shiit happens! You did the right thing. Easy for guys to sit back and ridicule you over this mistake. Guys break the laws daily..speeding..etc. I respect the fact you did what was right. Honest mistakes happen.
  3. ruthunter

    San Carlos Gobbler in the Snow – LONG VERSION

    Conditions were tough for sure. Very limited calling by the birds. Did get some birds to talk in the roost at night which lead to 2 of our birds getting killed by being in the area at first light. The Tom I killed was spot n stalk as I saw a bunch of turkeys working the edge of a tree line along a meadow. I was able to walk the edge of the tree line and stalk to within 50yds of 20hens and (3) Toms. Tough hunt for sure. Congrats on the success.
  4. ruthunter

    San Carlos Gobbler in the Snow – LONG VERSION

    We killed (3) out of 4 tags last weekend on the first hunt up there.
  5. ruthunter

    2021 Rut....

    Here ya go!
  6. ruthunter

    2021 Rut....

    Rut was pushed back this year compared to years past. I killed a mid 60’s muley buck that was pushing does pretty hard.
  7. ruthunter

    Swaro 65mm OBJ

    Will sell aswell. $875 local pickup.
  8. ruthunter

    Swaro 65mm OBJ

    Looking to trade this excellent shape 65mm Swaro obj for a swaro 95mm plus cash. If your interested in this Lmk. Box, manuals, warranty card, sticker etc all included. 602-758-5535
  9. ruthunter

    Bruno's Has Fed 205 SRPs

    Have they gotten in any LRP lately?
  10. ruthunter

    Swarovski 95mm obj for ATX/STX $1650 shipped

    Trade you a 65mm and cash if the deal falls through?
  11. ruthunter

    RL 26 8 lbs unopened

    Pm sent! Text me 602-758-5535. Very interested. Would take for $350
  12. ruthunter

    Rotopax gas can

    I’ll take it if it comes with the mount also. Pm sent. I live in Northwest Peoria aswell.
  13. ruthunter

    Looking for H1000

    Your says the same. Text me 602-758-5535
  14. ruthunter

    Looking for H1000

    I’ll trade h1000 for RL22
  15. ruthunter

    Blackhorn 209 at Sportsmans

    I got the email it was in stock but won’t let me order online