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  1. ruthunter

    20B Youth Hunt Help

    I spent (2) days out there this weekend glassing around helping a jr pig hunter. We saw (5) bucks in two days. We were in the same areas you mentioned. We never hiked anywhere. All we did was glass from the roads. I wouldn’t hike anything unless you are on a stalk. The full moon I believe has the bigger bucks bedded at daylight but the smaller spikes, two pointers and small 3’s seemed to be active for the first 2-3hrs.
  2. ruthunter


    Looking for a Remington 700 ultimate muzzleloader with synthetic stock.
  3. ruthunter

    Verde Rim Access

    21 will beat you up in a truck. If you must use a truck a 4wd is a must. I would try and get a Utv or quads. Did he draw an archery tag or rifle? Good luck!
  4. ruthunter

    43B Bighorn Tag

    Congrats on the tag. I helped a buddy last year in 43b. He killed a 11.5 year old ram with 16” bases. I was impressed with the amount sheep we saw. We hunted the YPG and it was fairly easy to do as all u had to do was call in and out by phone. You will need to register on there website and take there safety quiz aswell. Good luck.
  5. ruthunter

    the wait is over

    Sweet! Killed my ram out of 42. I’ve helped several since take nice rams in there. Either tag is awesome. Enjoy the process.
  6. ruthunter

    43A sheep tag

    He said he was away on a hunt and he told his wife to put everyone in for sheep etc. When he got home he learned that she put (3) of them in for sheep on the same app. What do you know? A $900 hit came through this morning. Lol
  7. ruthunter

    43A sheep tag

    Sweet congrats! My buddy for sure has (3) of the (5) tags offered in 43b as 3 of his family members drew on the same app.
  8. ruthunter

    Swarovski ME 1.7X magnifier

    Both are sold!
  9. ruthunter

    Swarovski ME 1.7X magnifier

    Guys I am selling (2) Swarovski ME 1.7X magnifiers that are new and have not been used. They will fit ATX, STX, and BTX’s. $300 a piece or both for $550 tyd pm or text 602-758-5535
  10. ruthunter

    Swarovski ME 1.7

    Sale Pending!
  11. ruthunter

    Swarovski ME 1.7

    I’m selling a brand new never used still in box ME 1.7 that will fit all ATX, STX, and BTX’s. pm or text if interested 602-758-5535 $300
  12. ruthunter

    (2) outdoorsmans packs for sale

    Both pack are sold!
  13. ruthunter

    (2) outdoorsmans packs for sale

    North Peoria. 75th and deer valley. I work all around the valley and can meet aswell.
  14. Selling a new Palisade 90 outdoorsmans pack with frame. Back pack is essentially like new. $375. Aslo selling a used long range hunter outdoorsmans pack with frame. The bag is coyote brown and is in good shape with no tears. $350 Text or pm if interested: 602-758-5535
  15. ruthunter

    Back packs for sale!!!!!!!

    1. Bag only-outdoorsmans original bag. Will fit on there frames only. Been used but everything is in good shape and works. $150 2. The outdoorsmans long range Hunter pack with frame. Used but in great shape. Everything works. $375 3. The outdoorsmans new Palisade 90 pack with frame. Used 3 times in great shape. $380 4. Blackcreeks remedy 7 pack with frame. Used but In good shape. Pack will separate from frame to haul meat. $100. Text or pm 602-758-5535