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  1. azphil

    4A Early archery

    My antlerless tag is now soup. I hunted 4A south of Bear Canyon Lake. Lots of bull activity- not too many cows. I got the same report from the other antlerless tag holders. I stayed up 9 days and had a great time. I never had the opportunity for a good shot- I'm a 45 yd max shooter. I had a couple of looks at 80 yd cows and 6 good looks at bulls less than 40 yds- one at 20- 6X6 muddy up to his shoulders and stinky! loved watching him for 5 minutes. Good luck to the guys still up there.
  2. azphil


    White Chev PU pulling a lifted camo scheme painted trailer- followed you out of 4A to the 260 and you pulled off on to the side and I saw your sticker- I had a cow tag that is now soup 😞
  3. azphil

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    I was up elk scouting first of last week near Woods Canyon lake- it's a swamp up there- the skeeters are going to be murder.
  4. azphil

    4A Early archery

    Antlerless tag here.
  5. azphil

    4A Early archery

    Anybody else draw this tag? I'm solo this year after my hunt buddy moved to Washington.
  6. azphil

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Wife and I both got it in January. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before. Night sweats, chills, difficulty breathing, bad shakes a couple of times and most food tasted BAD. We were advised to take vitamin D, zinc and aspirin while sick. It lasted 4-5 days and tapered off - except my lungs felt like they'd shrunk. It took me 5 weeks of pushing them gradually that they felt almost back to normal. I lost 10 #'s - which was ok with me. NOT a fun experience.
  7. azphil

    Hello fellow hunters

    Welcome- from another Phil If you have one of those little grey ghosts tied up down there let me know😜
  8. azphil

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    Hit- archery elk 🏹
  9. azphil

    Elk Draw

    Anybody else having problems applying for elk? I keep getting an error message that the page doesn't exist- after I fill out the initial info page and hit "add this applicant tab". This has been going on since yesterday. I've made 5 attempts with same result- even with a different device. I tried calling the Phx office yesterday and I was # 32 on the call list. Couldn't wait.
  10. azphil


    This home schooling time could be a good thing for parents concerned with the stuff their kids are being taught in public schools. Give them a dose of truth and reality, some discipline and structure in their lives. A small investment in time now could really set them on the straight and narrow. Am I being too optimistic?😳
  11. azphil

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    I made the mistake on a 10 day solo elk hunt of taking Pet Semetary with me for reading material!! I had the willies the whole hunt!
  12. azphil

    AZ Black Rattlesnake color change

    The first one I saw was at Big Bug below Mt. Union. I was scouting on atv and it was on the road just moving along. Cool to watch.
  13. azphil

    Hunting videos

    Collection of 9 NRA hunting VHS video tapes. Excellent condition. $30
  14. azphil

    A little help needed

    Try Indian Skies RV 520-723-7831
  15. azphil

    Gun Rights!

    I believe the bill passed in the House because of the Dem majority- best bet to stop it is contact our senators when it arrives in the Senate- All hunters and shooters NEED to join and support our gun rights groups. The dem/progs are taking our liberties one piece at a time-