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  1. MDH

    My 11 yr. Old son's first buck

    Its a .300 WSM he loves to shoot it and with the brake there is no recoil.
  2. MDH

    My 11 yr. Old son's first buck

    Thanks guys its definitely one of those hunts we will never forget
  3. MDH

    My 11 yr. Old son's first buck

    4Falls it's south of the ditch
  4. This year I let my son apply with me so that he would have enough points to draw his first deer tag. The plan was I would use my point guard and donate my tag to get my 16 points back and continue the wait for my strip tag. We began scouting in late summer and throughout the early elk hunts. We saw some good bucks and had a game plan worked out for when the hunt started. We looked over some good bucks the first 2 days and he was starting to get the itchy trigger finger. His goal was to kill something bigger than anything myself or his mom had harvested (170" or bigger). We started our walk in Sunday morning to our glassing spot about 10 minutes before light. As we were headed in we stepped in the middle of some wild horses which caused some commotion. We started up the ridge early to loop around them when my brother in law spotted a buck standing on the ridge to the east. I pulled up my 10's and could tell big frame and the race began to get set up for the shot. I got my gun on the triclawps and my bro in law got his spotter set up. Deagan was able to find the buck as I ranged him at 450 yards. I reached over and dialed up and told Deagan to shoot whenever he was ready. We both watched for what seemed forever and then Deagan let er rip. The buck went straight down and my brother in law looked over and said that was one of the biggest bucks he had ever seen. The buck only continued to grow as we got closer and could tell how big he really was. We taped Deagan's buck at 206 3/8"! It was such a great experience to be able to watch my son hammer a true giant and hopefully it won't be his last.
  5. MDH

    Manfrotto 701 HDV pro fluid tripod head

    Where are you located
  6. Thanks Mike it was nice to meet you.
  7. MDH

    Special Gould's draw

    I think that it was to get you to agree and forfeit your rights to file anything. The lady at G&F told my buddy that NOBODY was drawn in the extra draw when he asked how many tags had been added for goulds. She said the only species that added tags was buffalo
  8. MDH

    Special Gould's draw

    Have any of you guys heard back from G&F? My buddy was one of the guys in the extra draw and I would like to compare what he was told and what the rest of you guys were told.
  9. MDH

    Manfrotto 701 HDV

    Pm sent
  10. MDH


    Where are you located
  11. My wife shot her coues last year at 425 yards with the 100 gr. Spitzer out of her .257 Weatherby. Buck fell right in his tracks. It shot really good out of her gun and was cheaper to buy that to shoot and use the brass to build her load.
  12. MDH

    2004 Jeep Wrangler

    Posting for my brother in law. It's a 2004 jeep wrangler 6 cylinder manual, winch, AC, has 60000 miles, new tires and is 4WD asking $11,500. Located in gold canyon Call or text (928)243-1796