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    1987 Suzuki Samurai JX Tin Top

    Dang thats a sweet rig
  2. makaio333

    Ol' Tom Turkey Vest $20

    Interested Where are you located?
  3. makaio333

    Ol' Tom Turkey Vest $20

    tried sending pm. Is that a medium?
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    pm sent
  5. makaio333

    Benro carbon tripod?

    Greyghost what model tripod from Zomei are you using? Thanks
  6. makaio333


    I was too late on this one. Great looking bow!
  7. makaio333

    Benro carbon tripod?

    DesertBull, I've been looking for a budget carbon fiber tripod as well and these look pretty good. Did you ever get one of these?
  8. makaio333

    Minox binoculars 15x58 SOLD

    Interested sent pm
  9. makaio333

    Diamond outlaw for $150

    Sent pm
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    Sent pm
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    Swaro Scope / Nikon Spotter

    pm sent
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    Opinions on used bows around $600...

    I just bought a 2015 PSE bow madness fully setup off of archery talk and was able to stay in my budget. Archerytalk is a great place. plenty of mathews HTR and newer bows for under 600. Everyone is looking to buy 2018 models and are willing to let there rigs go for cheap.
  13. makaio333

    Residential construction finance

    Plus 1 for Brian27. He helped with our loan a few years ago and does great work, very responsive.
  14. makaio333

    Kuiu XL bino harness

    sent pm
  15. makaio333

    Badlands super day pack

    Interested in the pack. Can you clear your private message inbox. Says you cannot receive any more messages. I have a few questions about it. PM me or you can reach at 5205083033. Thanks
  16. Just want to add how pleased I am with my experience at Timber Mesa Outdoors in Queen Creek. I headed over there today around 12 noon and dropped off a bow I just picked up. Place was pretty busy as expected this time of year. Even though it was busy, Junior and an associate welcomed me to the store and was very prompt in finding all that i needed done to my bow. He told me there was a possibility that I would have to pick it up tomorrow. I got a message at 430 pm that bow was all done and ready for pick up. These guys offer huge value and over deliver! Thanks again!
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    Right handed
  18. makaio333


    Looking for a good used compound bow! PM what you have, price, and accessories. Thanks
  19. makaio333


    Trying to stay around 300 or less so an inexpensive used bow. Thanks
  20. makaio333

    Flagstone Pavers

    SPF to dmoto
  21. makaio333

    Flagstone Pavers

    We are going a different route with our backyard. I've got flagstone of all sizes. Have to take it all as we are starting the new yard this week. Will even help you load it up. Reasonable offer or trade anything hunting, archery, shooting related. 5205083033
  22. makaio333

    Flagstone Pavers

    500-600 sq ft. It was in a pretty large portion of our yard.
  23. makaio333

    EOTECH 512

    So here is a great deal I wanted to share with everyone. Eotech is doing rebates on there weapon sights. here is a link to amazon for the Eotech 512. http://amzn.to/2hoJ59r I got it here and applied the $40 off when applying for an amazon card. You can read the promotions here on eotech's website. $75 back on the sight. Basically doing the $40 off and $75 back from the promotion the 512 came out to 269.98. This is an amazing price for this sight. http://www.eotechinc.com/rebates-promotions If you don't want to get an amazon card, Brownells has the best price at 359.99 before rebates. https://www.brownells.com/optics-mounting/electronic-sights/holographic-sights/512-holographic-weapon-sight-prod56620.aspx Hope someone can take advantage of it. here is a link of all models that they are giving rebates for. https://eotech.rebateaccess.com/promotion.php?p=77254
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    Interested sent a PM
  25. makaio333

    Dave Ramsey SMART Tour Tickets

    Well this is going to be a long shot but I will try. I've got 4 tickets to Dave Ramsey's SMART MONEY Tour for general admission tomorrow night 11/7/2017 from 6-9 pm located at Christ Church of the Valley - Peoria Campus 7007 W. Happy Valley Rd. Peoria, Arizona. Tickets right now are $69 each but I got them early so got a better deal. Willing to let the 4 tickets go for $100. Picture is of screen shot of my confirmation and price i paid including fees. Save some money. PM me if interested. He puts on a good show as we saw him at the beginning of the year. I just can't get the day off.