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  1. wackycouesaddict

    "WANTED" Yard clean up service

    hey if you still havent got it cleaned up me and my buddy do yard clean up for his dads company and would do it for 70+- deppending on size. give me a call 4803920594
  2. wackycouesaddict

    Elk early 1900's

    hey just saying there wer itmes when out laws in colorodo used elk so it was harder to track them down. true story willl have to find it. but i have never seen a picture of anybody doing it.
  3. wackycouesaddict

    Bowhunting Rabbits

    I'm using Carbon Arrows (Carbon Express Mayhem 350). I haven't had any problems with the arrows cracking after hitting the jack and then the ground. i shoot them with carbons as well only time i have them crack or brake is when i drill rocks after the rabbit haha
  4. deer none the one big buck i shot(196))his head was in the tree so i didnt really get buck fevor and my coues i just didnt pay attention to the rack and made the shot. BUT elk seem to be dancers and has the abilty to avoide every arrow ever shot at them (even a cow at 7 yards). 5 tags in the soup hopefully this year i can pull my sh** together and get it done with my cow tag
  5. wackycouesaddict

    kids bow

    Im looking for a right handed kids bow for around 250 bare or set up PM me if you have anything. this is for a kid i took out shooting last weekend and wants his own bow now.
  6. wackycouesaddict

    New Way to cross the border!

    and both vehichles were probably stolen here somewhere
  7. wackycouesaddict

    '98 Coleman Tent Trailer 4-sale - SOLD ON CRAIGSLIST

    hey i member this trailer haha was out lookin for some pigs for my buddy. i thought it looked good for a pop out trailer Really...I don't remember. Where were we at? Did we meet? no it was just before dark and no one was there i dont think i just member the set up and you r chair with the camo jacket on it. and out around queen valley we were in a tan 70's style chevy with a big ugly camper on it.
  8. wackycouesaddict

    '98 Coleman Tent Trailer 4-sale - SOLD ON CRAIGSLIST

    hey i member this trailer haha was out lookin for some pigs for my buddy. i thought it looked good for a pop out trailer
  9. wackycouesaddict

    Catching bass at Roosevelt!

    we have done ok fishing at the gilbert library and red mountian but the best weve foud is dobson ranch there by bass pro shop.
  10. wackycouesaddict

    Poll: For or Against

    buby of mine was paralized from the waste down in a car crash. only way he can hunt with good chance of sucsess is over bait its no easy task last year we carried him in half a mile two the blind and he hunts from dark two dark. if they take it away heck be stuck to some one driving him around till something jumps up and he hates that he tells us that all the time he owuld rather drag him self two a blind then be drivin around.
  11. wackycouesaddict

    WTB Jeep Cherokee

    o may know of one are you looking for just a stock one or one thats been worked on? i dont memeber wat he said he was selling it for but i can find out.
  12. wackycouesaddict

    Elk and Antelope checks cashed?

    someone told me that they will be out april 26 and he was told by a g&f officer. dout if its true but wat ever ill start puttig in my calls on april 25 haha
  13. wackycouesaddict

    Martin's Firecat 400

    i cant really answer about a store that caries alot of them i dont believe any in the valley carries alot of them. the other thing is you wont find many shops any where that will carry left handded bows for the fact that they are harder to sell so most dont want two sit on a bow for a year and sometimes 2 to sell a bow. my suggestion since im a lefty as well is have them back the bow way out so it easier two draw then shoot them right handed. i know its not great but if you compare all the bows the shop has two shoot youll be able two feel the differnece in them. and make a good desion for them to order for you. the nice thing about martin PSE mathews and those bows is you can shoot a right handed bow left handed its not the exact same feeling but youll still get the feel of the draw cycle and vibration after the shot. i know the feeling i shoot left handed as well and it can by irritating and wat not but these are the ways i have gotten around them not having left handed bows and personaly have not made a bad perchase using these methods. also sorry for the horrible grammer my brain dosent like two tell me the proper way to spell things and fingers like to wonder on the key bord
  14. wackycouesaddict

    All archers must read

  15. wackycouesaddict

    All archers must read

    no i just know of a few (not pointing fingers at anyone and the ones i know arent even members on here) that have stopped coming to the ABA shoots and figure there be somemore because of there lack of comunications and time keeping ablities. i personaly dont blame people for not going for those reasons its really agrivating but like i said they are starting to get better. also you are right all shoots not just this one are fun and a great way to get kids involved in archery and have a good time.