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  1. bowhuntaz1

    So when is everyone heading out?

    Wednesday morning!!!
  2. bowhuntaz1

    OTC Elk

    I was one of the lucky 1%ers. I hunted hard all day for 8 days and saw 4 elk. Even with my inside info from a friend who is a local in the otc area. I took a 2 1/2 year old cow. If you are pressed for time, I suggest Lance With TLO who posted above. I believe he is still running 100% on those ots hunts. He is a great guy. I was in the Winslow/Hollbrok area.
  3. bowhuntaz1

    Elk Hunts- Game on!

    I pulled my first bull tag!!!!
  4. bowhuntaz1

    Mixed Emotions

    Well written Kidso. Enjoyed it
  5. bowhuntaz1

    2016 Trail Camera Photo and Video Contest!

    Funniest Looks like more political promises are on the way
  6. bowhuntaz1

    2016 Trail Camera Photo and Video Contest!

    Video #1 Moment of arrow impact
  7. bowhuntaz1


  8. bowhuntaz1

    Globe ATA Auction

    I might or might have not "acquired" one of the high bid summary sheets... Bobcat average $126.458 G. Fox $12.457 K. Fox $7.552 Yote $21.869 beaver $5.00 one well put up badger was $33.46 one crappy put up badger was $1.00
  9. bowhuntaz1

    Globe ATA Auction

    Congrats to standman. He had the second highest cat. The top cat beat him by $6.00 you should have gotten $300-400 more in my opinion... Good seeing you again Standman. Nice stack of fox by the way My guess is that 60%+ did a no sale
  10. bowhuntaz1

    cats and cages

    Always love your pictures and insight Scott. See you in a few weeks at the sale.
  11. Looking to sell my bow. 50-60# limbs will also toss in the 60-70# limbs TruGlo 5 pin sight. 3-D peep sight (with the 2 D loops to go with) whisker biscut rest $400 in Mesa
  12. bowhuntaz1

    fishing for a few boys

    I'm interested in the catfish and carp big browns. My girls have been asking me for a few weeks now.
  13. Went as far as Board Tree Saddle yesterday and it is good.
  14. bowhuntaz1

    Christmas Cocoa and Lights

    I plan on bring my three ladies
  15. bowhuntaz1

    Spot the critter