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  1. Hoping this isn't a duplicate, I did search for Ultradyne first. Looking for a tripod that is built solid, can go as low as 6" for prone shots or 60" for standing shots, lite to carry, strong enough to hold my Bergara 300 PRC. I found the Ultradyne and it's many heads online. It's pretty pricey but seems to cover my requirements. Is this a good product? Is there another you would recommend?
  2. HaYen

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    IT works from home anyway.
  3. HaYen

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    Being an application developer for 35+ years yeah I can believe it. Personal responsibility ensures a scape goat and a bad name in the industry. Fire the CIO and move on
  4. HaYen

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    Twig...stop it you are making too much sense 😂😂😂
  5. HaYen

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    You make a good point Eddie but for me personally I can only afford an Elk hunt or Deer hunt but not both so planning on buying a point or entering a draw is kind of a big deal for me, again personally. YMMV HaYen
  6. HaYen

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    Ok. You make a good point but let me offer up a small ... excuse. You develope a system that takes input, goes through a series of processes and produces output. There should no dependency on size or more specifically you design for worst possible case ... 1 million applicants. If the system does not change from draw to draw, it should operate the same. Now introduce a change, let's say rewriting the second and third draw algorithm (in theory they should be the same just recycled inputs) because someone found a flaw. Fine, you put together a project plan, document what you are asking for and what will change, make the change and TEST AND REGRESSION TEST. If the issue is a change that itself introduced a flaw, than it should have been caught during regression testing. They have all the data from the last five draws. One thing they can not test is what's call a velocity test (regression testing with a full size record set) against a card brand (VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC). Those platforms would allow 10k records to flow through their tests systems because everyone and their uncle uses them and the card brands don't build their test systems for that kind of capacity when their live systems need it. So maybe they changed their credit card processor? Very few cc batch processing systems can handle 100k transactions in a day. They should but very few merchants process batch transactions and those who do (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple) all have their own home grown cc processing applications.
  7. HaYen

    Gunsmith Recommendations in Tucson or Phoenix

    Jeff Magnum? Near 27th Ave and Indian School? (Inside Shooters World)
  8. HaYen

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    Over the past few years G&F has been upgrading their draw software. I'm going with their software developers also wrote the election tabulation software. ID TEN T's
  9. HaYen

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Do I'm imaging myself right now sitting in that blind in unit 9 facing Jenkins lake waiting for ...G&F to start hit credit cards. I keep telling myself breath just breath
  10. There is a lot of good information on this thread and even more out there. LR rigs can be put together on a limited budget. I'm not going to list actions or triggers or calibers again a lot of that is already listed. I will say outside of those topics what are you looking for in a rig? Does weight matter to you? Comfort? You stated you have a Savage already. How does that fit you? Have you ever shot off of a bipod? Sticks? Backpack? Will you be mostly hiking with this rig or short tracks? Scarab vs sling. Do you reload? If yes then options = the world else factory supported calibers. Before jumping to brand x because someone said it was the best, see it for yourself. Case in point, you should see my tackle box 👍. Away the journey you're on is half the fun. Post how it goes. HaYen
  11. HaYen

    I have to vent

    yes but what kind of try hard would do such a thingOne who wanted to hunt close to houses.You can't hunt any closer to houses with a bow than you can with a gun legally can you?Yes you can. Its illegal to discharge a firearm within 1/4 mile of an occupied building. No different than an air rifle. Perfectly legal. On a side note there a few areas that have specific regs that say no hunting w/i 1/4 mi of an occupied building. 26m,11m, and Prescott area come to mind. I was told by G&F launching an arrow has the same restrictions as firing a gun as far as distance from an occupied building. Now I could have argued but ... ever see the news where some individual is arguing with a law enforcement officer and they win? :-D I will respect the distance.
  12. HaYen

    I have to vent

    Ok I don't HAVE to vent but I want too. On a recent Elk hunt in Alpine AZ, I was talking to a shop owner who said two elk's were taken on her street. In her neighborhood. The shots were so close her ears were ringing. She called G&F but the "hunters" was able to load 1 and a half elk before fleeing. They left half an elk behind. I was told ... you know when you are hunting and you stop by the local town and ask "Hey where are all the elk?" Well I guess some of the locals said "right there go shoot them." Well it would not have been that individuals fault had that "hunter" missed and hit a kid or baby. We have a 1/4 mile from the nearest occupied building rule in AZ. And they chose to ignore it just to bag an elk. I was wondering why not one but two G&F officers told me to remember my distance and we had so many G&F in the unit. My elk was shot over 10 miles from any building. I get it, it can be frustrating. Working hard to find these animals just to see them, almost flaunting themselves, in front of you in the middle of town. But its actions like this that hurt hunting in general. Ok I'm done
  13. HaYen

    Unit 27 Cow Elk

    Good luck!!!
  14. HaYen

    Unit 27 Cow Elk

    She came in at 259lbs on the hook.