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  1. abovethecoues

    First deer ever!

    Congrat! I’ve been on the same quest the last 5 years that you just completed.
  2. abovethecoues

    How often do you see this

    Pitter Patter.....
  3. abovethecoues

    Credit card hits

    Cc HiT - pig
  4. abovethecoues

    Pronghorn Hits?

    How many points for 3BS this year?
  5. abovethecoues

    RH Compound Bow for Sale

    60# 27” draw
  6. abovethecoues

    RH Compound Bow for Sale

    Bowtech General $220 manufacturer data attached new string whisker biscuit 4 pin bubble sight peep sight stabilizer Wrist strap 2nd owner - recall work completed PM me for communication Bow is in Chandler and regularly commutes to the West Valley
  7. abovethecoues

    Show me your success! Im unable to chase right now. :(

    Got it done in 33!
  8. abovethecoues

    3/17 CC Hits?

    My card got hit today at 3pm.
  9. abovethecoues

    2016 Trail Camera Photo and Video Contest!

    Category: Coues "We keep getting older, but they stay the same age"
  10. abovethecoues


    just trying to upload an image to my media
  11. abovethecoues

    Monday hits

    So....if I have a cabelas card....I can just call. That's easy
  12. abovethecoues

    Card Hit - 2016 style

  13. abovethecoues

    22 South Archery Bull November Hunt

    Yep. Tuff hunt for sure. All the people I knew with that tag last year got skunked.
  14. abovethecoues

    Species Identification ?

    I need some help from those that run a lot of cameras and have some experience knowing what you are looking at. Im not sure what this is, but Im guessing a cat. Any help? Thanks