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  1. Barnesboy

    Vortex Kaibab 18x56HD

    Interested in any trades?
  2. Barnesboy

    Ford c6 4x4 output shaft

    Hey Steve this is Tyler, Ken Barnes son, I don't know if the Ford's c6 is the same or not but on the chevys you can buy a 2wd tranny and take the tail end off and cut the shaft down to and bolt it to a t-cas. Something to think about
  3. Barnesboy


    Good morning Coueswhitetail, Am looking for a hard top for a 2011 2 door Jeep wrangler. A co worker of mine had his jeep broke in to over the weekend and had $1000 worth of fishing gear stolen cause they cut his soft top and reached in and took everything. Were trying to help out anyway we can right now cause he is newly married, has a new born, and buying a house. Any info on where one could be for sale would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. Barnesboy

    Vortex Viper PST (Gen1) 6-24x50 FFP

    Is this scope still available
  5. Barnesboy

    Pse Drive 3B Fully setup

    Ok well if he changes his mind let me know I have a pistol or other stuff I would be willing to trade.
  6. Barnesboy

    Pse Drive 3B Fully setup

    Interested in any trades?
  7. Barnesboy

    2021 19A Rifle Tag

    First off thank you everyone for info you provided. It really helped alot. Just got to experience the best 4 days of hunting in my life. Only reason why is for one I drew a antelope tag this year with 4 bonus points and had a .01% chance of getting the tag. On top of that out of 20 tags they issued I got tag # 20 out of 20. Now this wasn't just any normal hunt for me, this was by far the greatest hunt ever for one reason and that is cause my oldest son who is 7 was with me step for step. When I say step for step I mean step for step. This young man hiked his butt off with daddy. We averaged 8 miles a day and he never complained, cried, or said he was tired. For 4 days we stalked antelope after antelope after antelope till we found one we both thought was what my son considered a "Big Papa" antelope. Needless to say he thought all were. But after I told him we're looking for one atleast taller then his ears he got it down pretty good. It was the 4th day of the hunt and my sons last day before he had to go back to school. So needless to say I was trying my hardest to find one to shoot so he could experience it with me for the first time but as the day went on and we just weren't seeing the bucks like the first 3 days I was getting a little worried. But as evening came and we started to slowly work our way home and hunt along the way we ended up finding one that I was happy with and my son approved. The stalk was on, as we got closer they disappeared behind a little hill which gave us the chance to close the distance quick. We had about 20 minutes of shooting light left so we were going quick. We closed the distance to 200 yards and without a word my son whispered, " my ears are covered daddy, shoot him now", without hesitation I squeezed the trigger and the gun went off. The buck went 20 yards and down he went. Now as of right now this is by far my number 1 hunt, that is until my youngest son goes with us on a hunt and I can experience the same with both of them. Now he isn't a giant but to my son he is a world record and I couldn't agree more. Thank you Ken Barnes Desirae Barnes Kendra Barnes for coming up and helping with the pack out and of course thank you Tenijha Bright for holding the fort down again like you always do while am gone on a hunt. Love you babe.
  8. Good evening everyone, Am trying to find 6.5x300 WBY mag ammo. I have a antelope hunt coming up and really wanna use the gun. I really prefer 140gr but at this point I'll take whatever. Am located in Cottonwood, AZ
  9. Barnesboy

    2021 19A Rifle Tag

    Unfortunately I haven't found a mature enough buck where I've been looking so don't have my heart set on any. I can't believe they have 2 archery hunts, then right after muzzy and right after rifle. You'd think they would give a little time between hunts.
  10. Barnesboy

    2021 19A Rifle Tag

    Next time am up there scouting I'll have to go by Deep Wells and check it out. I've been sticking to what public they have open but haven't really seen much antelope wise. Thank you everyone for what info you've given me. I really appreciate it. My goal is 75" or what ever one makes me excited lol.
  11. Barnesboy

    2021 19A Rifle Tag

    How much was it back then if you don't mind me asking? They give you a paper or anything to put in the window
  12. Barnesboy

    2021 19A Rifle Tag

    How long ago was her archery tag? Did you have to talk to anyone first before you hunted on Deep Wells?
  13. Barnesboy

    2021 19A Rifle Tag

    I have a question to anyone that has had the 19a Lonesome Valley rifle hunt. Are you able to hunt the Granite Dells Ranch and the Deep Well Ranch?
  14. Barnesboy

    WTB: Jon Boat Or Bass Boat

    Anyone live in the Cottonwood/Camp Verde/Sedona/Flagstaff/Prescott area looking to get rid of a jon boat (prefer a flat bottom/square nose style)? Have $700 cash to spend or if someone has a good running older bass boat like a bass tracker or something else that would do a $700+AR10 chambered in 6.5 cm trade. Thought I had a jon boat lined up to buy but its been 2 or 3 days and haven't heard back from the guy. If anyone has something you can text me at 9282029121 or message me on here. Thank you.
  15. Hello, I just recently got a 6.5x300 weatherby vanguard series 2 and after doing some research. It sounds like the caliber is a barrel burner if your not careful. I was wondering if there is a company that makes bull barrel or heavier duty barrel for the rifle. Thanks