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  1. Is the super point the only funding source they’re working on? If so, I am a little disappointed they couldn’t come up with a couple different funding sources. Practically spent a year to come up with the super point and there’s no guarantee that will generate the money needed. There must be more products that could be created to bring money in.
  2. GJMauro12

    Foxpro problems

    Yup! I’ve got a few with issues and a bag full of Garmin rino 500 series I can’t use.
  3. GJMauro12

    Typical Day for Late Season Bull

    We glass mornings and sit in the evenings.
  4. GJMauro12

    Horny Toads

    I remember when I was a kid (I’m 30 now) we would find tons of them on a regular basis it seemed. A few years back I had the same question- what happened to all the horny toads? I still see them on occasion though. The last one we found was in August in 24A.
  5. GJMauro12

    Coues deer cape for sale in AZ

    It has been pretty common for people to buy and sell capes on this site. I am not sure what all the push back is about.
  6. GJMauro12

    What is the best Couse unit in AZ

    Just YouTube it!
  7. GJMauro12

    Pinned subjects/forums

    I believe they were unpinned to clear the top of the forum but should be in that subforum somewhere.
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    This new forum layout

    I only get 1 page of new content and if I click load more activity nothing comes up. I’ve switched my filters a few times and it hasn’t helped. My filter settings are posted below. Does anyone notice something I should change?
  9. GJMauro12

    Bull Elk are Tough!!

    When did your buddy shoot? Curious how long he’s been walking around with a broadhead in his head if it ended up being the same bull.
  10. GJMauro12

    Shed season

  11. GJMauro12

    Clint’s Well processor drop-off

    They’re there.
  12. GJMauro12

    coyote busting dove

    Thad’s awesome, thanks for the write up. My cousin has bought and sold about a dozen of them from offer up to test them out. The Mavic is the one he has been suggesting to me but I wanted to hear it from someone that hunts. I don’t know how much I will end up using it but I would like to get a birds eye look at the areas that I always hunt at least once.
  13. GJMauro12

    coyote busting dove

    Which one would you recommend of the 3? I have been in the drone market for awhile now and haven’t pulled the trigger. Great video by the way!
  14. GJMauro12

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    I would have a hard time pouring gasoline on a spot I’ve spent the last 12 years hiking salt to. Maybe he will have a terrible time and be gone in one season.
  15. GJMauro12

    MVUM rant again... Still...

    I love these rants, I can’t stand the MVUM. I don’t mind the hikes but I have been ticketed before. I don’t plan on being ticketed Again, but we’ll see in September when I take my 72 year old grandpa on his archery bull hunt. He doesn’t get around well anymore so I plan to have him sitting blinds most of the time and I may end up driving closed roads to drop him places If need be. I guess if I end up with Another ticket this year then oh well. It could be his last hunt at his age and some of the closed roads are absolutely ridiculous.
  16. GJMauro12

    2018 AZ Elk Deprivation Tag Archery Bull

    I always knew these hunts as depredation hunts and understood it to be additional hunts added when there is a need. I Decided to check the definition after the last couple comments and now Im confused too. Anyone care to educate the uneducated? Sweet bull by the way!
  17. GJMauro12

    Leftover results

    My left over elk tag still hasnt shown up on my portal.
  18. I use a Ruger M77 300 mag for coues and every other hunt I go on. It is the rifle Ive put the most time into and have the most confidence in.
  19. GJMauro12

    AES- Volunteer water haulers

    I would just go fill some tanks that will benefit you then.
  20. GJMauro12


    Where are you located?
  21. GJMauro12

    Food for Thought

    I would of stayed in town this weekend for that offer.
  22. GJMauro12

    Favorite Trail Cams

    I think Ive been buying PX12s for about $60. I could be wrong since I dont pay much attention to the brands, and just watch for price tags.
  23. GJMauro12

    Any sheep hits?

    Weird, I could of swore I heard something about you're wasting your application if you put in for a rocky tag without max points. Congrats on the tag!
  24. GJMauro12

    So Where's the Official Countdown to CC Hits

    My text came in at 730.
  25. GJMauro12

    So Where's the Official Countdown to CC Hits

    Credit card charges for deer are never exciting for me with the way I apply. Cant remeber the last time I didnt have a deer tag.