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  1. Deertrail

    Take Me Fishing

    Every Tuesday during the summer months the town of Hackensack in Minnesota sponsors a... LOL, ok I looked it up on the internet to make sure I got the spelling right! And actually found a site. Here is some of the info: ""Welcome to the Hackensack Childrens Fishing Contest. This is Minnesota's LARGEST Children's Fishing Contest. It runs every Tuesday from June 8 through August 24, 2010 from 11am to 1pm, prizes awarded after 1pm; so stick around. We offer prizes for First, Smallest (in inches), Largest (in ounces or pounds) and Most fish in each of 3 age categories (0-5, 6-10, 11-15). There are always free hot dogs, pop and nightcrawlers for bait (or food if you're really hungry). We have Minnow Races and a Casting Contest that starts at the blast of Hackensack's noon whistle blow, both with nice prizes for the winners. Come down any and every Tuesday to take advantage of a great day fishing with your son or daughter."" It is a drive up there for me now a days but whenever possible I pile as many grandkiddies as I can in the car and we head on up there. It is a great day, and they all have a wonderful time! The town even supplies the rods, tackle and life jackets if someone doesn't have one! So anyone that lives in Minnesota or ever planning a trip up this way, with the little ones, try to fit that in the schedule!
  2. Deertrail

    New forum for game recipes

    Our Favorite Venison Cube at least 2 lbs. of Venison Put in large frying pan. Add chopped green peppers and onions. Place large pat of cold butter on top Shake pepper over it until you sneeze 3 times Cover and cook on low heat for quite sometime Remove cover and brown.