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    Recipes while out in the sticks...

    Great post, I can hardly wait to start camping, let alone camping while hunting. Regardless of the meal, it will 100 times better than what I eat at home. That being said, pre cooked hot and spicy chicken wings(just throw em on the smoky mesquite fire to warm them up), jalapeno poppers, either rib eye or some other quality cut of meat (I'm not picky), cowboy burgers are always great, unless you forget about them that is. There have been a few that said Crown and Coke which is hard to beat, I like mine with Sierra Mist, otherwise I'll take Captain and Coke.
  2. RodinAZ


    Great stories, I can see where my wife would never let me out live me telling her "there's nothing outside". The first time we went tent camping (her last) it was late September in 4B and the bulls were just beginning to bugle, we had a bull very close to the tent bugling like made, she was mad at me because he decided to bugle next to the tent! Another time, I was out predator hunting with a couple guys, we drove down this deep dark canyon and all of a sudden, the ground ahead of us came alive. There were Coati's running everywhere, (I'd never seen one since moving from Iowa the year before)they jump out and load their guns quickly and started blazing away. Out of the "herd", we ended up with one each and layed them in the back of the truck with the coyotes we'd taken earlier. We stopped to do another stand about a 1/2 hr. later, Clint opened the tail gate on the pick up and one of the dead Coatis attacked, it was more like a big hissy fit but it scared the heck out of him and we got a good laugh.
  3. RodinAZ

    My 118 inch late whitetail

    What a toad! Great looking buck, congrats.
  4. RodinAZ

    Unit 37 Coues

    When I drove back to Iowa in early November, it was about 5:30 a.m when I saw a deer feeding on the edge of the road. At first I thought it had to be a mule deer, as I grew closer it became apparent it was indeed a huge WT. This was just east of Star Valley. And, on my way back from my elk hunt in 3c, there was a road kill WT doe in the ditch near where the buck was.
  5. A buddy and I bought a couple leftover tags for 36B this year, this would be our first hunt in that unit. We scouted the unit a couple weeks prior to the hunt and found some promising areas, spotting two bucks that morning, we felt confident in our chances. Unfortunately luck was not on our side this year, we spotted only spikes the first two days, the third day I glassed up a very nice 4x4 two mountain tops over, by the time I topped the first mountain, someone started shooting at him and the buck dissapeared. That turned out to be our only opportunity after the spikes on day one and two. Overall, we had a great time and vowed to try the unit again next year if we are unsuccessful at our first choices. We did glass up several illegals and a handful of javelinas. Great looking country Our nearly impenetrable border fence Well, atleast I get another chance this year at elk.
  6. RodinAZ

    Nov. 4th 36b

    A buddy and I will be there as well for our hunt. Weather conditions look favorable for the hunt, with the exception of the lunar cycle that is.
  7. RodinAZ

    2011 Oct. Coues

    Congrats on a great buck!
  8. RodinAZ

    Border Patrol contact info

    Here is the direct number for the Tucson office 520-514-4700, they will answer 24/7 at this number. I also have this number 520-377-6202 that I received two years ago. Good luck in 36B, we may cross paths during your hunt.
  9. RodinAZ

    Berger VLD exit wound!!!

    Yikes, now that's some serious energy transfer. I'm going to try the 130 gr. "hunting" VLD in my 6.5X47L this year. Pretty impressed with the accuracy and longer range consistency.
  10. RodinAZ

    Binocular Reviews

    Not 15X but I recently purchased a pair of 10X42 Minox from Cameraland. Pretty decent for the money, much better than my 15 year old Nikons and a fraction of the weight. These will be used as my "walking" optics as I have a pair of 15X SLCs that are in my opinion the cats butt. Coupled with a quality tripod and hydro head, it is an indispensable tool that I can count on. The adage "buy once, cry once" comes to mind when buying optics. Good luck with your decision.
  11. I have been fortunate the past three years to have taken whitetails within 1/2 mile of roads. I however do like to get away from the more accessible areas as I "think" that is where the big boys are hanging out. Not always the case, but if I were a trophy whitetail...
  12. RodinAZ

    36b 10/20/2011

    Keep us posted on how the hunt goes, will be heading there on Sunday for a little scouting. Good luck with your hunt.
  13. RodinAZ

    2011 elk/Antelope tags

    3 A/C November Bull rifle hunt for me, I can hardly wait, so much to do, so little time. No goat tag, which is hard to believe as I have 3 points. Congrats to all that drew, the summer will fly by now!
  14. I'm starting my research early so I can decide where I want to apply for next season. I've hunted 36A for the past three years with good success, but without seeing many deer and smallish antlers being the norm. I know there is decent deer in every unit but I'd like a realistic opportunity to harvest something in the 100" class. I was thinking 33, 22, 23, 24A & B. Any suggestions on where to begin my search? Rod
  15. RodinAZ

    2011 Coues hunt, which unit?

    I know of a 130 incher living in there right now Got GPS coordinates for this one? Ha, that sounds like you already know where you are applying to next season. That would be incredible to take a Coues in that category. When I lived in Iowa, I'd taken many bucks in the 140-160 range, which are not all that big for Ia. A 130" Coues would compare to a 200"+ deer back there.
  16. RodinAZ

    Jay's WOW FACTOR buck

    Great looking buck! Congrats.
  17. RodinAZ

    2011 Coues hunt, which unit?

    Sundevil, I'm not that familiar with 6A and 27, are there accessibility issues in that unit? 36B sounds like a great unit as I've heard tell many quality bucks have been harvested in that area. I may have to look at that a little closer. az4life83, Congrats on the nice buck, do you know what the deal is with the loss of hair on the hide?
  18. I would take the shot as long as there was no possibility of hitting a "mule". From the pics, you are far enough away so that if they decide to respond with aggression, you would have enough space to decide whether to run or engage the threat. Most Coues deer hunters are good shots, they would be wise to continue on their way.
  19. RodinAZ

    2011 Coues hunt, which unit?

    I agree that scouting is the key to success, unfortunately I don't live close to any certain unit that has a Coues deer season. I'm looking at atleast a two hour drive from Chandler and with the economy, family, work and kids activities, its hard to break away to properly scout a particular spot, let alone a complete unit. I'm planning on heading out predator hunting in January, February and maybe March so I'll get an idea of which unit(s) I want to apply in. Consequently, I have two friends hunting unit 36A late season right now. They have seen a grand total of two bucks in the last 6 days, a 3X3 and a spike. Ofcourse, there are many variables to consider, can they properly glass, do they know what to look for, are they moving around, are they glassing all day, the answer is yes to all those questions. But if the deer aren't up when they are glassing, chances are they won't see them. This is not to say there are no legal deer in 36A, there is, they are just good at not being seen apparently. Thanks for your replies as I appreciate your input.
  20. RodinAZ

    Question for all 257 WBY MAG.

    I've been considering a new rifle and the 257 WM is at the top of my list for calibers. I just gotta scratch up some extra funds in order to accomplish this goal.
  21. Any woman that hunts Coues deer has my vote, good luck
  22. Looks like a great set up, have you noticed any pre-rut activity?
  23. Hey everyone, been lurking here off and on for a while now and thought I'd relay the results of my late November hunt. This was my third year hunting Arizona as we moved here from Iowa in 07'. The whitetail hunting here is a bit different from what I am used to. I've hunted this unit, on the same hunt dates the past three years as well for whitetail and have been blessed with a successful hunt each year. In the past years, our camp has had 8-10 hunters each year until this year as the group split up to hunt other units, the camp consisted of Andy and myself, along with two fellow hunters from previous years, only they were mainly scouting for their coming up Coues hunt this weekend. We were both advised that we couldn't leave on Thanksgiving, so we decided to head out at 2:30 a.m Friday, putting us in place before sunrise on the opener. We set up on a traditional glassing area with views of three mountains, we could glass up to about a half mile or so to the furthest hillside. My equipment includes a Cabela's outfitter tri-pod, a Manfrotto 222 pistol grip ball head and a pair of Swarovski 15X56 SLC, this combination works well for me. We spotted two groups of does and a coyote, one of the groups of does came out of the wash after being bumped by another whitetail hunter. We went to our camp site and set everything up, had lunch and waited for our friends to arrive before heading out for the afternoon. They arrived around two and we helped them set up their tent. Around 3:30 we split up and headed back out, Andy to a different area and myself and Mel went to the spot I'd glassed in the morning. Things were quiet until about 4:30 when we started seeing a few does on two different hills and a coyote. At around five, I was starting to think about what was for supper and whether I should make the Jalapeno poppers for hors de voers. About that time I scanned the top of the middle mountain and caught glimpse of antlers moving our way at about 850 yards. I didn't have to think twice, I ran over to the truck while telling Mel to get over to my glassing spot, grabbed my rifle and sticks and ran back over to my binos. It took me a minute to find the buck as he came down and to his right, approximately 100 yds. from where I saw him. I told Mel to keep an eye on him while I run down the hill and through the wash onto the flat below the mountain. I grabbed my tri-pod set up and headed out, once to the flat I set up my tri-pod and quickly found him, he was staring right at me so I figured now or never. I ranged him at 453, found a spot to set up for a shot, checked on my range table taped to my stock, held for windage and squeezed the trigger. I lost sight picture at the recoil but quickly found the buck staggering up the hill, about when I was ready to fire again, he tumbled down the mountain a couple yards and stopped next to a cactus. At this point, it was after 5 and loosing light fast so I took off across the flat and slowly made my way up the chola, ocotillo and saquaro infested mountain side. Luckily I had my phone to call back to Mel and help me out with coordinates, it still took about 15 minutes to find him. Unfortunately, my flashlight and camera were left in the truck so I have no field photos other than in the back of the truck. It took us over an hour to carry him down the hill and to the spot where I'd glassed him up. We were both full of cactus needles and bleeding from a few falls while coming down the mountain. I used my Tikka T-3 Tactical rifle chambered in 308, 165 gr. Sierra SBT with a NF 3-15 NPR2 Sorry about the blood