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  1. jim

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    They owe you a refund that rule only means if a youth puts in for a general tag they pay the general fee. Call the main office on monday.
  2. jim

    Need Your Spots

    So you turn left at the windmill and you drive about 4 or 5 miles. Get out climb the ridge to the left and glass south. Good luck
  3. jim

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    Congrats Chris
  4. jim

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    Now get him to shoot a scope mounted one that the eye relief is set up to not shoulder it and see how easy it would be to shoot.
  5. jim

    Rutting 2020

    I saw 2 bucks 2 weeks ago full rut with about 6 does. Full strut chasing the does standing each other off. I was just above desert country and am really hoping they keep going until the first and that no one else finds them.
  6. jim

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    If a game warden suspects me of using a camera of taking wildlife utilizing a game camera would he not have to get a court order to seize the camera to try and build his case?
  7. jim

    2xl badlands pants.

    3 pair 2xl 75.00. 1 pr insulated style. Pants are in new condition.
  8. jim

    2xl badlands pants.

    Items were sold.
  9. jim

    surrendered tag call 2 years in a row

    My phone it shows up as draw I was quick to answer yesterday.
  10. jim

    Turned in elk tag.

    It is my turn this year. My wife got a turned in antelope tag last year and I just got a turned in archery bull tag. I am super happy right now. Went from bummed about no elk again to game time in a hurry.
  11. jim

    Turned in elk tag.

    No this was a tag turned in from the rehular draw.
  12. jim

    Turned in elk tag.

    It is we scouted this unit hard last year for my grandsons rifle hunt. Not alot of elk but at least we're hunting.
  13. jim

    Tough archery hunt

    Great buck.
  14. jim

    SOLD - 22LR Ammo Dump

    Perhaps the merit of this discussion should be moved to the Camp Fire and let his for sale add be just that.
  15. Great video work. That's better than most actual hunting shows.
  16. jim

    Proposed changes to fishing regulations

    They are going to stock at 12 inch's is what was wrote in their breakdown of each rule change.
  17. jim

    Arboreal rattlesnake, sort of

    I was cruising thru the oak scrub down by gisela one morning headed to my stand when a Mohave lit up stretched across the trail about a foot up. he went about 20 feet and never touched the ground staying probably a foot up in the brush. Thank god I was running late that morning and it was light out when I saw him.
  18. jim

    WTB bear tag?

    I'm thinking if he gets caught again maybe they go with a nose ring.
  19. jim

    Stolen truck

    Wow, they know it's a group of five and how they work and about how often but can't seem to catch them.
  20. jim

    Archery sale on camofire.com

    Yep just bought a stabilizer.
  21. Prayers sent for the fire fighters.
  22. jim

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Yes I have a 50 dollar charge and a 90.
  23. jim

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Looks like 2 junior tags for the grandboys and muzzle loader tags for the wife and oldest daughter.
  24. jim

    Pajarita wilderness

    Good luck on the draw and your hunt if drawn. A good plan is half the battle.