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  1. jim

    What's your favorite CWT thread?

    Mine are any of the ones were a member needs help and we all come together as a family and help them out. Wounded warriors, youth needing help, ect...
  2. jim

    Another heartbreaking loss

    Prayers for you and their family.
  3. jim

    Check Those Mailboxes!

    Congrats on the Golden ticket.
  4. jim

    Hunt guidlines

    I was happy as heck to see the decline in tags. There are alot of units that would benefit from even less tags.
  5. jim

    Got My Buck Back...

    Great buck congratulations.
  6. Congratulations on a great buck. Good luck on your elk hunt.
  7. jim

    Dad Passes

    Prayers for you and your family Bob.
  8. jim

    Bull Elk 22 South

    Either area you mentioned are good spots just learn glassing spots that cover good oak scrub hill sides and is somewhat remote. The bulls will be out feeding. Matter of fact go now and glass for the bulls, they will be in the most part where they are now for the late hunt.
  9. jim

    Results are posted!!!

    I am a happy grandpa. My 14 yr old grandson drew the 18a early rifle bull and my 10 yr old grandson drew unit 10 youth cow tag. Two weeks of elk hunting with my grandkids.
  10. jim

    22 Non- Residents had 15+ BPs

    There are no dedicated tags for non residents. They can draw up to 10% of the tags. There's no guarantee any non residents will draw.
  11. jim

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    My 14 year ol grandson drew a bull tag in either 8 rifle or 18a early rifle. And my other grandson drew a youth cow hunt.
  12. jim

    When you’re upset you don’t draw

    My grandson has been building points toward a bull tag. He is hooked on hunting as he has taken numerous Javelina and a couple deer. He told me he didn't want to hunt cows when he was 11 years old. He is now 14 and has no issues waiting his turn hopefully that will be this year. I have no issues with guys building points to get their kids a better chance or themselves. I have numerous opportunities to hunt with friends and others. It is just a bonus when my name is on a tag.
  13. jim

    January Muley

    Wow another Kidso photo but with a deer. lol Nice buck, is it that hard shooting with that decoy face on your bow if the wind is blowing?
  14. jim


    Congrats Chris. how and the heck did you get Adam to sit still for 4 hours? lol I kept calling for a update but no answer.
  15. jim

    The passing of a long time Az Hunter.

    Prayers to you and his family.