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  1. jim

    WAR in Kentucky!

    We sat and watched the Big Sandy from the 16a side. There are some really big guns going off over there and lots of big booms and smoke trails when the big sandy is fired up.
  2. jim

    Muzzleloader question

    Could it be one of the knight nipples that require one of the red plastic caps that the primer goes in.
  3. jim

    Thomas did it again.

    Congrats Thomas.
  4. jim

    Elevation/GPS on OnX?

    I will add that suggestion also it would be nice if that was included info when you clicked on a spot.
  5. jim

    Second day success

    Congratulations to both young men.
  6. jim

    My Daughter is Officially a Marine

    So grown up. It seems I have watched her grow up on the zone and here. Congratulations.
  7. jim

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    If lions are so bad how many documented deaths in Az from lions attacking hunters at night? I thought lions only ate preppy folks on hiking trails in California. I would think folks living in the big cities have more to worry about in your own neighborhoods and malls than at night from a lion.
  8. jim

    Rut Activity

    Folks need to learn to drive around and check other areas. Just because one basin is quiet doesn't mean the whole unit is not going.
  9. jim

    Another first for my son!

    Congratulations, those are memories that will last forever.
  10. jim

    2019 Bull Elk Hunts in the Book (Part 1)

    Congratulations on a great bull.
  11. jim

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    Not for me I would be way more proud of what I took by finding it myself.
  12. jim

    2019 Muzzy bull

    Nice bull, congratulations.
  13. jim

    Is a .243 enough for a cow hunt?

    Is the noise to much or the kick. If it's the kick get a sims recoil pad it will make it alot better for him. Noise then double up on the hearing protection.
  14. jim

    Bottom tier bronze pics and story added

  15. jim


    I will go second if it is still available.