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  1. jim


    Sorry for your loss Kenny.
  2. jim

    Stanley "Again" whats wrong with riots ?

    Thanks Tub for your incredible insight. lol They sent it to me.
  3. jim

    12B guide

    Their guide pled guilty and far as anyone knows still guides for them. Your stepping up to the plate for the owners and a service that has a guide that pled guilty to the charges.
  4. jim

    12B guide

    That's pretty sad you can say that about every big guide company you know.
  5. We did not draw anything. Good luck to anyone else that applied.
  6. jim

    Crispi boots

    Hard to beat that price on Crispi boots.
  7. jim

    Fire Ban

    Well don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split you.
  8. jim

    2020 saltwater

    I heard Alamo is only letting in fisherman that had reservations at the camp grounds. We have had reservations for a couple months so I have been watching to see if they were going to shut it down.
  9. jim

    No sheds but a pretty nice Dead head

    I will take a stab at 97 inch's. Th smile on the boys face way over 100.
  10. jim

    Leftover tag soooooo close.

    Maybe you mixed up the apps when you mailed them in. Sent yours in his envelope and his in yours.
  11. I don't know how accurate their update is. We have a confirmed case in Mohave county (Lake havasu) and we are not on the list unless we are one of the unassigned cases.
  12. jim

    Bowtech carbon icon

    Is this one you can reset draw length without a press?
  13. jim

    Biden, champion of the 2A

    I'm all for Trump but a debate between them will be funny to see who can shoot themselves in the foot the fastest.
  14. jim

    Gas money

    Nice was that all trapping or calling?