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  1. jim

    The passing of a long time Az Hunter.

    Prayers to you and his family.
  2. jim

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Where is here?
  3. jim

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    We ended up with 16 inch's at my house in Kingman yesterday and 2 more inch's over night. A lot of good water for this desert
  4. jim

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    I remember when their were cross country ski rentals at forest lake and snow mobiles. That area would be packed with folks recreating in the snow.
  5. jim

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    I'm just hoping that this storm finish's filling Alamo lake. I also hope this gets all the other lakes a big boost if not enough to fill them also. The desert around Kingman is looking awesome everything is saturated and alot of green grass starting to grow. Hopefully the quail will have many hatch's this spring.
  6. jim

    Question for HAM Hunters

    I always feel that between 0800 and 1100 am is the best hillside feeding time with them heading into mid day beds around 1030 - 1130 am. Back up and feeding around 130 to 200 depending on how warm it is. I tend to glass hillsides in the early hours transition into known bedding type areas mid day and start looking in saddles on ridges afternoon.
  7. jim

    Last Day pig

    Way to stick to it. Nice pig and great shot.
  8. jim

    Good luck HAM hunters

    Good luck Chris, it will happen.
  9. jim

    CWT sweatshirt

    We got ours yesterday, they look awesome.
  10. jim


    We still need all we can get. Just give me sat morn to try and get my daughter her first Javelina.😀
  11. jim

    Archery Lope how many BPs

    I drew in 97 with 1 point and finally drew again last year with 13 points.
  12. ???? missed this originally. So what was the results of both? Did she say no and whack you with the antler?
  13. jim

    2019 National Call Making Contest

    Looks great.
  14. jim

    Good luck HAM hunters

    Our group took 2 on saturday, both with hand guns. Two tags to go hopefully next weekend we can turn up another herd.
  15. jim

    45b - who has this sheep tag?

    Never get tired of seeing ram pics.