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  1. jim

    Tree Stand

    Sent a PM.
  2. Looking forward to it. Will be down there for Sunday and Monday.
  3. jim

    Santa Rita Bears

    Good luck. That should be a very close encounter.
  4. jim

    I-8 dead antelope?

    I have seen lopes between quartzite and yuma several times and they even have signs on the road.
  5. Good luck. I have a itchy trigger finger no matter what I am shooting there are several bucks in your pictures that would have arrows on the way.
  6. I am. We will be packing in 5.5 miles fri morning and staying 6 to 7 days.
  7. jim

    Nice Boar

    Nice Bear congrats.
  8. jim

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    Your never going to get there if you keep stopping(lol).
  9. jim

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    Looking forward to the I hate driving phone call (lol). Good luck wish I was tagging along.
  10. jim

    Snake Gaiter recommendations

    I just got these in yesterday they fit good and feel like they will work well. I'm going to hike with them tomorrow to see how they wear. I'll find out on the deer hunt as the canyon we are hiking into is always good for a few Mojaves. https://www.amazon.com/Foreverlast-Inc-Snake-Guard-Shields
  11. jim

    Arizona Taxidermy Training

    Hurry up and learn Adam then you can do all my stuff for pack out fee's. 😉
  12. jim

    Glassing and Rain

    Just cover up and glass as soon as it pass's. A lot of times the deer will get moving right after as it cools things off.
  13. Way back in the day when I duck hunted in the tonto I always carried 7.5 steel shot for quail as we would be hunting the creek for ducks and would run into quail. I never had no issues killing them with the steel shot. I still use it every once in awhile when I hunt the refuge down at topock.
  14. jim

    James "Jimbo" Lockery

    God bless you and keep on hanging in there.
  15. jim

    AZ Black Rattlesnake color change

    We were walking thru some super thick ferns on sunday at about 6000 foot elevation and couldn't even see are feet when we had one light up that sounded like he was within a foot of my son. Looked just about like he was walking on air coming back up the hill. Never saw it but assumed it was probably a black for where we were at.