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  1. jim

    My 2018 Bull Elk Came Home Today

    Came out nice Chris. Congrats you are starting to build a great collection.
  2. jim

    Bob Stonoff

    Reading his history it sounds like he lived three or four lifetimes. Prayers to his family and friends.
  3. jim

    Burro Solution . . .

    Just come over by Kingman in any direction they can get all they want.
  4. jim

    2020 az archery mule deer

    Congratulations on a great buck.
  5. jim

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    3 apps for 10 archery bull and 18a archery bull 1 app for youth hunts 4 apps for antelope 10 and 18a rifle not enough points for anyone to even bother listing them.
  6. jim


    So what about all the first hand on the ground information from the hunters and ranchers that live the wolf nightmare every day. Because they are not scientists their information is not credible. There might have been some bad winters but traditionally there has always been winter kill and the herds recovered just fine. Now that wolve population is where it's at they are not recovering as in the past.
  7. jim

    Pig Down

    Congratulations Thomas and crew.
  8. jim

    Ted gets his shot

    Almost every crew on you tube came to Az this year. I think we will see a huge influx of out of state hunters in Dec and Jan because of the amount coverage and exposure this avenue provides. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing.
  9. jim

    Big City Buck

    Congratulations, patience for the win.
  10. jim


    Congratulations, I am just glad to see a father son team have a great hunt. I was able to watch my 15 year old grandson (on his birthday) tag his first archery Javelina on Saturday.
  11. jim

    Help from NC

    If you have the entire hunt then use the first couple days as your hunting/ scouting days ( in other words don't over stress it) and then dial it in as the hunt unfolds. No better information than current.
  12. jim

    18B Javelina and camping

    I will get it tonight. I got busy as soon as I got home last night and never even looked at my phone.
  13. jim

    18B Javelina and camping

    There's plenty of camping in those areas along the main road. I have not hunted archery in there but we took some back on the youth hunt. If you have onx send me your number and I will send you a pin where we saw alot of sign back in November. My grandsons took a couple on the youth hunt. I have not hunted the archery season in 18b so don't know how current the information will be but there was alot of them in there back then.
  14. jim

    So who’s air frying?

    We have been using one for several months now. Very little gets cooked any other way.
  15. jim

    Big Herds, Small Bucks

    We don't have coues up here but find the same with the muledeer. Lots of deer, I don't see the bigger bucks like when in areas that have fewer deer. Of course this time of year that goes out the window as bucks will cruise alot of ground looking for hot does.