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    Bow tech Allegiant SOLD

    Duly noted, thanks. forepaw
  2. forepaw

    Backpack trip in Galiuros

    That's a good, readable book. What took place was a very sad and tragic chain of events. Never have been able to learn what happened to the daughter. forepaw
  3. forepaw

    Too Hot

    .270 Win. for me. Rifle is a T3 Lite. I like Nosler brass, it is very good but doesn't seem to last like some of the others. forepaw
  4. forepaw

    Too Hot

    I was beginning to suspect that. Nosler brass I use is showing incipient case head sep. after 7 firings. It is not even worth annealing the necks. With Lapua, I am on the 19th firing, and everything still looks like new. No stretch to speak of. Guess I better anneal one of these days. forepaw
  5. forepaw

    Bow tech Allegiant SOLD

    A steal. The Allegiant is a great bow. forepaw
  6. forepaw

    Too Hot

    Not too bad. At least your ejector plunger popped back out. You were probably pushing at least 65k psi. One time I had a hot load seat the plunger so hard I had to soak it in break-free, then have a gunsmith friend put a jet of compressed air in the side port or firing pin hole while he jiggled the plunger with a centerpunch. Nothing was damaged, but it was scary as heck. Very careless. And dangerous. Never found the primer by the way. New guns usually are proof tested with a "blue pill" load at significantly higher pressure, before they are sent to final check and shipping. Just consider this to be a second blue pill. And don't do any more. forepaw
  7. forepaw

    Bolt issues

    Make sure your locking lug recesses are squeaky clean. forepaw
  8. forepaw

    ADOT lazy

    You wanna know why? Really? Too many flatlanders and fools driving on bald, underinflated tires, who couldn't put on chains to save them, even if they had them, which they don't, and who have no idea what snow or ice is all about. forepaw
  9. forepaw

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    10th grade biology at McClintock H.S. Teacher Mr. Cochran, was summoned to the office - it was the principal at Payson H.S. where he graduated, and maybe taught for awhile, asking him if he knew of any hot water piping, heat tape, or anything in the ceiling of the gym that would allow them to melt some snow. The load was way over design spec. and they were worried it was about to cave. There are lots of stories about that storm. forepaw
  10. Length of pull. forepaw
  11. forepaw

    Badlands 2200 Backpack

    PM sent. forepaw
  12. forepaw

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    I thought he still was.
  13. One of the posts mentioned employment at Gore. In the event he does go to work, and is able to get hired on there, he should check the benefit on reduced price Sitka clothing for employees. Not sure if this would apply to part-timers. I hunted with some guys in 2014, one of whom worked there, and he talked about the great discounts for Gore employees on Sitka stuff. I decided right then and there, to never pay full price for anything from Sitka. Who knows how many deals there are like that at various companies around the country. Anyway, that may have changed, but if not, it would be pretty nice benefit for employees who are hunters. forepaw
  14. forepaw


    Much as I detest so-called "hipster hunters", I think yotebuster may be right, or at least partially right. However, it doesn't have to be one or the other. There may be a way to have a hunting future, as well as ownership and use of high-cap. magazine semi-auto rifles. However, it will require resurrection of an organization similar to the old U.S. Army Director of Civilian Marksmanship program, and re-enrollment of shooters in civilian rifle clubs to participate in across-the-course style highpower rifle competition - similar to what has occurred among civilian populations in European countries. Although Finland and Sweden have no 2A in their constitution, they are keen on the idea of a trained body of citizens who are already familiar with military-style rifle shooting, who could be available for call-up in times of national emergency. This was the basis for many years of NRA highpower shooting - basically, it served as an understudy to military training, where in the event of a worst case scenario, there would already be a body of citizens who could be proficient in the use of issue-grade small arms with almost no time required for training. I know the concept of ". . . a nation of riflemen . . ." is pretty far-fetched stuff to many shooters and hunters of today, especially younger shooters, but it may be a way, in fact is probably the only way, to legitimize continued use and ownership of so-called assault rifles. I personally don't think it is very likely, due to the difficulty, expense and time commitment involved, and also the fact that across the course events entail a definite military mindset and character, which some would find distasteful; but having participated in NRA highpower as an informal competitor, the associated benefits (competition in timed events, sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination, safety, etc.) apply across many activities, not just in sports but in everyday life as well. Something to think about. forepaw
  15. forepaw

    Draw Odds Question

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vk0Hlpam_ZE Also, Randy explains a little more at about 11:00 on his 2015 vid. Apparently the rule took effect in 2016. Basically, it throws a bone mostly to NR, to encourage applying and hoping to get one of the 5% of reallocated NR tags in the 1-2 pass (from the bonus pass). forepaw
  16. forepaw

    Draw Odds Question

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpI0lLp5Adk&feature=youtu.be Amber explains it at about 6:10 on this vid. It apparently is part of the 10% that would normally be available to NR - 5% can go back in the 1-2 draw, where they are available to everyone (not just NR.) Also correction regarding my statement on availability of tags to NR - I was citing the old rule. Currently it is 10% of all tags (excluding bighorn sheep and buffalo). The old rule was elk, antelope and mule deer north of the CO River. forepaw
  17. forepaw

    Draw Odds Question

    Unless something changed, only for deer N. of the CO River. And the 20% is not just NR, it is total apps. i.e. the bonus pass, followed by the 1-2 pass. 5% of the bonus pass tags go back to the 1-2 (random) draw, but not sure if that is all tags, or if the percentage has changed for some species. Up to 10% of deer, elk and ant. could (not will, could) go to NR, except for sheep. Your sheep statement is correct as I understand it. forepaw
  18. I'll risk going against the conventional wisdom, and advise that it is mostly a bad idea - at least the first two years. How serious is he about academics? Was he in GATE or mostly AP in H.S.? Will he be taking a heavy load of math and science? My recommendation would be for him to be dead serious in getting the core classes out of the way. Bonehead English used to wash out a lot of kids - it can require more mental effort than you would think. If he gets a job after two years, my advice would be some sort of work study or one of the labs at the school, associated with his major. It won't pay as much, but the hours will be more user friendly and he will have the advantage of networking with professors and upper level students, and may get his name on some publications as a co-author. When I went there, before I switched to U of A, the student body was only 12k, but the academic standards were relatively high. Ditto competition for grades. Undergrad. professors were all excellent, but demanded a LOT. There are enough temptations at NAU that can derail the best of intentions if he isn't careful. Best of luck. forepaw
  19. Happy New Year CWT amigos. I would appreciate anyone's recommendation for a neighborhood or independently owned general auto mechanic in the Tempe/Chandler/Awatukee area. Advice on any to stay far away from also welcome! Thanks all. forepaw
  20. forepaw

    ISO auto repair shop in Tempe

    Appreciate the suggestions. Just shopping for a new auto tech. for general maint. & routine repairs. Nothing exciting, but honest and reliable goes a long way! Thanks. forepaw
  21. forepaw

    ND in Montana - Very Sobering

    http://www.monstermuleys.info/dcforum/DCForumID11/22588.html https://www.facebook.com/jay.maisano.5/videos/pcb.1111992622295523/1111986868962765/?type=3&theater This may be the least cheerful thing you watch over the holidays, but maybe it will serve as a valuable heads up. Sad to see a grown man or anyone else in this much distress, but hopefully by routing to the various forums and BBs it will make us all re-think our gun handling and safety fundamentals. Years ago a friend's dad (after he corrected my muzzle direction) told me " . . . you can't be too careful . . ." That mild reprimand has stayed with me ever since. forepaw
  22. Just curious, why the change to 30mm vs. 1"? forepaw
  23. https://www.24hourcampfire.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/4512477/Searchpage/1/Main/339051/Words/6.5x55ai/Search/true/New_build_ladder_test#Post4512477 This guy has built at least one, and seems to have a lot of know-how. His call sign is clark98ut. If you research his posts, I think you will find some current info. The 6.5x55 does need a long action. forepaw
  24. Rebarrel to 6.5x55 AI. Buy excellent bulk Lapua brass (I am on 19th firing 6.5x55 with no incipient case head sep. and no neck cracking) at better prices than other calibers to fireform. Post your progress here so we can all learn something! forepaw