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  1. 4 minutes ago, AZcoues_addict said:

    The WY prices increases do seem steep IMO!

    Maybe AZGFD doesn't get general AZ tax money, but Pittman Robertson is general federal funding IMO, along with federal grants some years, they do have multiple sources of income...it may not be enough, but I'm just saying...

    Also, they receive a generous portion of the heritage fund - which is based on all the lottery tickets sold each year.

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  2. FOR SALE:  VORTEX VIPER HD 15-45 X 65mm; angled eyepiece; glass is flawless; overall excellent condition; includes box, manual, lens caps, soft cover; this has been my rifle range scope; it has never been used hunting, or even carried in a pack.  $375.00.  Photos upon request.


  3. Years ago, ASU (Tempe) had a lab in the animal sciences dept. or maybe wildlife sciences, where they kept a culture of beatles and would do a skull upon request.  Not sure if the guy who ran this function has handed it off to someone else or not, but might be worth giving them a call.