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  1. C.Shoemaker

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    Awesome video. I’m booked in July. Hopefully the bite stays hot
  2. C.Shoemaker


    Tibia plateau break sucks. Had the same injury 18 months ago. It’s a long haul. Just started short jogs about a month ago. Are you keeping the hardware in or do you hope to eventually have it removed?
  3. C.Shoemaker

    Grouper Dinner

    Looks awesome
  4. C.Shoemaker

    Anyone buy glasses from Eye Glass World?

    BC glasses
  5. C.Shoemaker

    Fried elk steaks

    Looks incredible
  6. C.Shoemaker

    Elk backstrap

    Looks incredible. Great job
  7. C.Shoemaker

    San Diego Deep Sea Questions

    I recommend Seaforth, but would choose 3/4 day over the half day boats. At 14 years of age, 3/4 day boat will be fine. Try to get your wife & daughter to go also. Most of the deck hands go out of their way to help women enjoy the experience. My wife and daughter both are "hooked" and insist I take them. Beer is available.
  8. C.Shoemaker

    Sandhill crane decoys

    Do they taste like dove?
  9. C.Shoemaker

    Got my 2016 dec buck back

    Very cool looking buck!
  10. C.Shoemaker

    Last minute advice...

    Agree with not doing anything stupid. Recently broke my leg requiring surgery. Not sure if I will be ready for October cow tag
  11. C.Shoemaker

    A few to share

    Very cool pics
  12. C.Shoemaker

    Early father's day

    My two teenagers took me to Bartlett Thursday afternoon in hopes of catfish Limits or a huge flathead. Still can't figure out how it's done. We gave up at dawn & tied on crankbaits. The bass bite was crazy for about an hour and a half
  13. C.Shoemaker

    Elk Barbacoa

    Please post recipe please. Looks awesome
  14. C.Shoemaker

    Apache lake?

    Wow! You tore it up!