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  1. RM762x51

    Polles fire (west of Payson) Helicopter down.

    I played hockey for over a year with BJ. He was a great man and always in such a good mood. He will be missed RIP
  2. RM762x51

    Hornady 55g .223 FMJ bullets

    Have 5k 223 Hornady FMJ for reloading. $100 per 1k. Located in North Phoenix.
  3. RM762x51

    5x10 trailer

    TTT $1100
  4. RM762x51

    5x10 trailer

    Selling my 5x10 trailer due to me needing a bigger one. Its a 2006 BigTex brand and built pretty stout. Wood is about 5 years old, tires are about 1-1.5 years old still in good shape. Has permanent plates and the title is clean, clear and notarized so its ready to go. Any questions let me know. Asking $1200, located in North PHX area
  5. RM762x51

    7mm Rem Mag ammo

    Ttt, shoot me an offer
  6. RM762x51

    7mm Rem Mag ammo

    Decided to go the handloading route for my 7mm so I have some factory ammo for sale. 1.) Fed premium 160g trophy bonded tip - 26 rounds - looking for $35 2.) Fed premium 140g Nosler partition - 20 rounds - looking for $30 3.) Rem accutip 150g - 25 rounds - looking for $30 Will sell all of them together for $85 Located around 51st ave and Greenway rd.
  7. RM762x51

    Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x44 MRAD

    Ttt. Rings are sold, $350 for the scope.
  8. I have my used Viper PST 2.5-10 Mrad scope for sale. Good scope I just need something with a little more magnification. I can remove the paint if you want, scope is in good condition. I'll also toss in the XTR rings that are attached as well. Any questions let me know. Looking for $450
  9. RM762x51

    What to do after snake bite?

    Good information. I need to get a PLB and was looking at the resQlink ones. Once you hit the button someone is coming for you. I'd just hate to get stuck with the bill, but I'd also really hate to die on the side of a mountain. Maybe I'll look into the rescue insurance.
  10. RM762x51

    What to do after snake bite?

    Depends if I'm hunting with the wife or not ha ha
  11. RM762x51

    What to do after snake bite?

    Last week bear hunting got me thinking... What is the best course of action if bit by a rattler while out hunting? Obviously how far you are out will change the answer, but how far from your truck/main road do you have to be to just sit down and call in a rescue? Really been thinking about a Spot or similar but wouldn't want to deploy it premature.
  12. RM762x51

    Glock 19 w/5 mags

    North Phx. Area
  13. RM762x51

    Glock 19 w/5 mags

    Forgot to add it has night sights as well. Green front, yellow rear.
  14. RM762x51

    Glock 19 w/5 mags

    Selling my gen 3 glock 19 with 5 mags. Works flawless just going a different route . Some holster wear as this was my ccw. Looking for $500
  15. RM762x51

    Ammo. backpacks, and revolver

    Ttt Ruger is sold