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    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    Trophyhunter- sorry to hijack your thread. To answer your question, my understanding was that you can shoot from the vehicle. We planned on my Dad shooting from the Ranger, but for his buck he laid prone about 50 yards from the Ranger to shoot 250 yards across a little cut, which took forever for my Dad to get comfortable as the buck laid in his bed. Then I found an old two track road and cleared brush and he drove all the way to his buck.
  2. Smith2260

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    It was a perfect hunt for my Dad. He has shot dozens of deer and elk, but he has always been a meat hunter. This was the first time he ever passed on a buck, and he passed 52!! Born and raised in AZ and had never had a Kaibab tag. Construction took its toll on his body and he became camp cook for a few years until he put in for the Champ hunts. This is his once in a lifetime buck!!!! He also killed his best bull elk on a Champ hunt last year!
  3. Smith2260

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    My Dad had it last year. We had a blast. He shot the 53rd buck we saw. Mostly glassing from the Ranger because he can only walk about 50 yards. I will post a pic later. SCI official 214 4/8.
  4. I wasnt sure where to put this. But I am hoping someone here has a mag follower spring I can buy. For a Remington 700 300wsm. Short action. This is the flat spring that pushes the bullets up into the action. I was planning to go hunt this weekend but I was having feed issues. Found this cracked spring. Thanks for looking. Bobby 480-220-6501
  5. Prdatr- thanks for the idea. I stole a LA spring from another rifle. Will work for now. Thank you.
  6. I forgot about brownells. I will call Remington tomorrow. Thank you
  7. Im not sure. Having a hard time finding this spring anywhere or even a part number.
  8. I checked midway. Looks like they carry everything except the one I need. They dont carry the wsm follower or follower spring. Where else can I look to order one?
  9. Smith2260

    Shotgun for daughter

    My kids loved the single shot 20g they used when they were little. It was way lighter than an 870 and easy for me to see if it was loaded or not. My daughter was a small 10 year old, so the lighter single shot was perfect. But, yes it kicks more. Now they both shoot 12g 870s as teenagers.
  10. Smith2260

    Spot Messenger yr price / competitor??

    Garmin Inreach. Very easy to set up and use.
  11. Smith2260

    WTB Ruger M77 Hawkeye rings or LA rail

    Ok. Thanks
  12. Looking to buy, rings or rail for Ruger m77 Hawkeye. 30mm. Long action rail. Let me know what you have. Thank you Bobby 480-220-6501
  13. Smith2260

    WTB Ruger M77 Hawkeye rings or LA rail

    Awesome. Headed that way now. What size will work for a 50mm obj?
  14. Smith2260


    My son glassing for deer last fall He slept less when he was under 6 feet tall.....
  15. Smith2260

    Where am I

    Missoula, Montana??
  16. Smith2260

    Utv windshield

    I have the one listed below from sidebysidestuff. I have been very happy. Yes, it sucks dust in the up position when its dry. But theres no dust when its raining or snowing. Not much dust when down in half. It keeps the cold, rain and snow off of us in half and obviously in the up position. Im in Queen Creek if you want to look at it. Seizmik Versa-Fold Polycarbonate Front Windshield - 2013-18 Full Size Polaris Ranger w| Pro-Fit Cage
  17. Smith2260

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    Pm sent
  18. Smith2260

    Poisonous Toads

    Havent seen one at our house in a few years. Read this today. Then tonight our dog was barking, went out and she was barking at one on the back patio. Then another one on the side yard. Biggest was a little bigger than softball size. Showed my kids the white spot by his mouth and moved him down the road.
  19. Smith2260

    Leica 2000B Rangefinder $399

    How long will they have that sale? The answer is probably right there, just dont see it.
  20. Smith2260

    T Lock vs Montec

    Killed a bull with the Montec. Was not impressed. Broadside 10 ring double lung. Pass thru. Bloody bubbly arrow. Not a drop of blood to track. Only went about 150 yards. But we found him by doing a grid in the direction that I thought I heard a crash and my buddy found him about 2 hours after I shot him. I chose them because they flew exactly like my field tips. But went back to muzzy and focused on tuning my bow and fletches to broadhead better. Have killed a few deer and elk with muzzy 4 blade. Every one had a great blood trail.
  21. Smith2260

    .243 or 7-08 for Youth Cow

    My daughters first cow elk was when she was 10. Hammered it with a 7mm-08 with rem core lokt. She never took a step. About 100 yards or so.
  22. Smith2260

    Unit 10 CHAMP Hunt Advice

    Presmyk- Not true. My Dad shot a deer with a Champ tag last year. Took everything he had to get him set up 50 yards from the ranger to shoot across a small ravine. Then I went over to the deer for him. He would have never made it across that cut. My Dad has not lost his marksmanship to shoot across a canyon in nasty country or his love for the hunt. He has lost his ability to walk across a canyon or even 100 yards.
  23. Smith2260

    Another Closet Clean Out

    Pm sent for turkey decoy
  24. Smith2260

    Wildland Firefighting Jobs

    Agree with creed. Thats how I started as well. Tell him to always keep in mind, Wildland is a small world, so reputation is everything! Work hard, be safe, always learn from mistakes and have fun. Also, fire seasons move as the spring/summer goes on. If he is willing to be out of state for months, then reach out across the country for hand crews. Dont forget to call all of the tribal communities. Engine crews (type 6) typically come with experience or with privates.