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  1. POB

    Savage Axis??

    Yeah pretty much, both grandsons are kinda on the slight side, and I might just sneak it out from time to time. Thanks anyway.
  2. POB

    Savage Axis??

    That's the kind of response I was hoping for! Thanks guys!
  3. POB

    Savage Axis??

    I'm looking to buy a rifle for my grandkids to use for their first hunts. Basspro has the Savage axis on sale and I was wondering if anyone has one or knows anything about this. I can't decide between the 243 or the 7-08.Help. thanks.
  4. POB

    Washing Kuiu Gear...

    I always turn my camo inside out before washing.
  5. POB

    Firearm insurance and home security

    When thieves got 12 of my guns a few years back the insurance cover $2000 on the firearms but no limit on optics. binos and riflescopes were replaced at 100%. When the police called to say they recovered one, I had to buy it back from the ins. company.
  6. The only thing I've ever had stolen were cookies and the ravens got them.
  7. POB

    Should we be using ear protection?

    I started using them while hunting a few years ago. I shoot a 300 WSM with a brake, even with the plugs my ears ring so I carry the mouse ears now.
  8. POB

    Bear Greets Hunter

    Yeah, what he said!!
  9. POB

    2005 Starcraft RT-11 Tent trailer

    Nice looking trailer. What do you want to do with it?
  10. POB

    Two Trojans--slightly used

    Right... then she gets knocked up, and you get the clap.
  11. POB


    Thats a great price for very good glass. I love mine. Good luck on the sale.
  12. What do they consider "field positions"?
  13. POB


    dang!!! nothing again.
  14. POB

    Good to Know

    Very interesting. Good to know.
  15. POB

    Parker Canyon Lake

    Parker canyon lake has a web site, should be able to get info there.