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  1. ruffcountry

    Horny Toads

    seen 1 in 27 a couple years back got a picture somewhere
  2. ruffcountry

    Boots -- Need Recommendation

    kenetrek for me
  3. ruffcountry

    Anybody ever try this?

    great idea ! i have walked from presumido to dead mans and back and i have ventured into the coyotes but there is a lot in between i would like to see including "the lions kitchen ". i doubt you could go all the way without seeing something worthy of a tag . i would like to go but i would probaly want to take a rifle and this year my tag is for 35a .
  4. ruffcountry

    35B October

    i got one
  5. ruffcountry

    Evening greeter!!!

    ("What can I say? I'm always going to be a science geek/nerd first! I've handled, drawn blood from, and collected venom from my share of Mojaves. I've even accidentally (really!) inhaled crystallized neurotoxin (Mojave toxin) during my research days. I don't recommend anyone handle or get that close to a Mojave unless you're absolutely crazy or a highly trained herpetologist (not sure which one of those I'm more of now, but I was both at one point). Be safe!") what did that inhaled toxin do to you ?
  6. ruffcountry

    Under Armour pisses off hunting community

    i am just glad he didnt use an atlatl , atlatl are just so unfair and they cause even the good and ethical spear hunters to be cast in a bad light.
  7. ruffcountry

    Leftover deer tags

    ive got 35b pending in my portal .
  8. ruffcountry

    Happy Birthday, Ernesto!!!

    belated happy birthday wishes to you
  9. where in az are coyotes not as thick as hair on a dogs back
  10. ruffcountry

    Yellow ferret in the woods?

    what I found with quick search The jaguarundi is between 53 and 77 cm in length and has particularly short legs with a long body and tail; they’re kind of weasel-shaped with an otter-like tail. This picture really shows off their length, albeit a little blurred​ ​
  11. ruffcountry

    Yellow ferret in the woods?

    what happened to the rest of the story ? from your description it still sounds like a marten to me .
  12. ruffcountry

    Giving Thanks

  13. ruffcountry

    lost houndsar dead horsee

    Think we were past t link awayz, know for sure we were past wild bunch trail . looked like good hounds , someone probably wants em back Sorry about spelling and all , don't do this on phone much
  14. ruffcountry

    lost houndsar dead horsee

    No the horse did not have shoes . there was ranch quarters nearby but they didn't act like they wanted to go there , they acted like they were looking for someone to come get them .
  15. ruffcountry

    lost houndsar dead horsee

    Trying to do this on my phone not sure if worked