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  1. ichiban43

    12a Tukeys

    Hey thanks for the Info! I primarily hunt the west side, but will check out the east side East or west--DO follow the snow line!
  2. ichiban43

    Need help with 300win mag

    I know this won't be a lot of help--I shoot a 308 Norma which is very similar. Years ago I settled in on 79.5 gr of H4831 using a 165 Nosler Partition and a CCI mag primer. This has suited me well on Blacktail deer, Mule deer,Coues deer,Pronghorn and Elk. It -is built on an '03 Springfield. 300win mag smith and Wesson, Leopold, Federal premium
  3. ichiban43

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    308 Norma Mag built on an '03 Springfield. Custom Fajen Varmiter stock with a 3 x 9 Weaver Widefield. 79 1/2 gr H 4831 pushing a 165 gr Nosler Partition.
  4. ichiban43


    Yeh John--I use Ichiban43 on all of the other siter except for AZSJ. I'm in Cognito.
  5. ichiban43


    Ok--Have a hunting party 2 doors down in the KOA--haven't caught up up with them yet!!--We are all hunting Elk in 10.
  6. ichiban43


    Thanx--I have stayed there a few times--ran into Christian once there too. looking for something farther east--closer to 19, n of Nogales.
  7. ichiban43


    I have that tag also. Instead of hunting out of Arivaca this year, I'm going to try the east side of the unit. Are there any good campgrounds or RV parks in the area? I have located a couple--Mi Casa & De Anza--was wondering if there were more near 36B.
  8. ichiban43

    They are out for Real!!!!!

    Late Nov 36B--Thinking about hunting over toward the east side instead of out of Arivaca--any ball park suggestions?
  9. ichiban43

    New to Muzzleloaders

    Good choice on the front end loader. I believe Buffalo Bullet company is no longer in production. Now I read a later post that says they are.--They don't have a website. Might just have to call Ron and find out.
  10. ichiban43

    New to Muzzleloaders

    Good choice on the front end loader. I believe Buffalo Bullet company is no longer in production.
  11. ichiban43

    New to Muzzleloaders

    My bros is stainless-probably no differnce in the way they shoot. Nobody seems to have a problem with sun reflection. Stainless wold be my choice. But that is just an opinion not based on fact. His probably is that $139 model and he has killed 3 Elk with it. Using loose powder and a Buffalo Bullet. I think they are out of business now. Ron Dahlitz-founder/owner was my grandfathers neighbor. I knew him when I was a teenager. He and his family were huntin' fools.
  12. ichiban43

    New to Muzzleloaders

    You'll love it. The best part is no pressure for the most part. I still shoot a traditional sidelock percussion im 54 cal. I have a 50 Hawken also. I have harvested Deer, Elk & Antelope through the years. Today, most everything is in-line in 50 cal with souped up loads--but you still only have one shot most of the time. T/C, Traditions and CVA all make quality rifles in different price ranges. CVA runs a little less expensive for the most part. If you plan on using it out of state--be very mindful of their laws. CO, for one, is very restrictive. No scopes or electronic sites-no pelletized powder-no sabots. Don't know your finances--but I wouldn't sink a ton of jingle into it at 1st. My bro bought a bottom line CVA inline--and it works great. He was flying down here and we were headed to the area around Durango and he didn't want the hassle of flying with a gun & related gear so be bought this one and had it shipped to me. They sell for around $150 or so. He has a T/C Renegade with a Green River barrel that is SWEET!!
  13. ichiban43

    Way East Mesa

    I was in a silver Silverado 2500 xtra cab short bed w/black tool box- top rail on the bed is dented where my bro dropped my 5th wheel on it. NRA decal in back window
  14. ichiban43

    Way East Mesa

    Aside from being a pick-up truck--don't recall. Was paying attention to merging onto the freeway and negotiating traffic.
  15. ichiban43

    Way East Mesa

    I saw one about 3 weeks ago on Superstition/University Blvd--we were almost side by side getting on the loop 202 headed south. Who be dat???