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  1. kelbro

    Tips for archery cow elk 4B? Never been..

    Yep. That was my tip for the unit. Canyons. Filled a couple of tags there. Good luck!
  2. kelbro

    4A scouting

    Excellent. Congratulations to the young man.
  3. kelbro

    Tips for archery cow elk 4B? Never been..

    Get ready to do some hiking. Some steep up and downs. Make sure you have a buddy to help you retrieve whatever you kill. 4B has some tough areas when you are going after cows or late season bulls.
  4. kelbro

    4A scouting

    Excellent. I have seen turkey up there. How'd you guys do?
  5. kelbro

    4A scouting

    Confusing topic title I suppose. Needed one more coffee in me before I hit enter. Crossing the Chevellon every morning would be a challenge . We camp in 4A and 4B. I prefer 4A for both hunting and camping but occasionally draw 4B.
  6. kelbro

    4A scouting

    Due to work issues, I only put in for a bonus point the past two years. I still plan to scout 4A and 4B since that's where we usually camp. Looking forward to seeing a good fall crop of elk.
  7. kelbro

    Lots of Velvet Bucks!

    Why not an archery tag?
  8. kelbro

    Unit 22 Muley tag

    Thanks. I know that it's early but I've got a lot of scouting to do.
  9. kelbro

    Unit 22 Muley tag

    I don't remember putting this unit down on my app but somehow, I drew a Rifle Muley tag for 22. I have only hunted quail in 22 and I have seen quite a few whitetail but I don't recall any muleys. Did a little scouting this weekend between the Beeline and the Verde river. Tough to access since the fire closures. Planning to go a little further north next weekend. Maybe more towards Roosevelt. Anybody willing to point a guy in the right direction? Not looking for GPS coordinates of your honey holes, just a general vicinity or areas to avoid. i plan to drive in, camp the week and hopefully use the quad to get around but I'm not afraid to hike. Thanks!
  10. kelbro

    Beagle pup wanted

    Don't forget sirens! They must really hurt their ears because sirens cause such a painful sounding howl.
  11. kelbro

    Beagle pup wanted

    I have owned several beagles over the years. They are definitely vacuum cleaners and probably not the best 'in the house' dogs. The males have to hike their leg on everything they walk by. They are hard-headed little critters that are full of energy and really need to be with at least another dog. The are very social (pack oriented) characters. They don't always howl and they are very good with kids. Most of them have 0 aggression. Very smart dogs for the most part. My vet says that beagles will eat until they pop and then roll over and start eating again. With all of that said, I wouldn't take $1000 for mine. He loves to play. He's over 4 yrs old and still plays like a puppy.
  12. kelbro

    .270 vs. 7mm

    270 w/ 130gr has knocked many, many deer down. Why would anyone want to use a 140 for whitetail unless the shots are over 400yds? Muley or elk, OK but I never saw the need for anything bigger than 130gr for the smallish whitetails here in the southern part of the US. Probably nearly as many killed with 95-100gr 243s.
  13. Sold - Thanks for the inquiries.
  14. This is a complete upper from a Bushmaster Varmint Special. Excellent condition. Flat top. .223 caliber 1:9 twist. Stainless 24" barrel. Broken in properly and never overheated. Free float tube with sling swivel. Scope riser blocks. Bolt, carrier, all included. Shoots very well with most factory ammo and even better with handloads. Also have the Bushmaster benchrest adjustable grip from the same rifle. Keeping the lower because I found a LH upper. That's the main reason for the sale (and the low round count) is that I shoot left handed. I just hope that the new upper shoots as well as this one. $525 cash FTF in Scottsdale or Mesa.
  15. kelbro

    Speaking of Mexico......

    Thanks Daryl. It was good meeting you and we are looking forward to the trip. A few grilled dorado and I'll call it a successful trip!