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  1. Sold

    CMMG MkG 45acp Banshee AR pistol

    8" barrel radial delayed blowback system

    Uses Glock 21(45acp) magazines

    SBA3 pistol brace

    Ambi charge handle

    3 mags: Glock 13rd, SGM 28rd, ETS 33rd

    About 200rds thru 




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  2. 16" 5.56 AR15, M16 style build. Aero Precision. Less than 25rds. $500



    16" 5.56 AR15, ARFX skeleton stock. Magpul flip up sights. Anderson Lower (with AeroPrecision tension screw machined in) Ambi charge handle. Less than 25 rds. $550 (can switch to M4 style stock for $500)


    All come with 1 mag


    Sold, thanks Coues.





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  3. Thanks Traveler,

    I had a Switchback XT for years before I got this bow and really want that specific model again. It has a little longer brace height and is a couple inches shorter axle to axle than the Drenalin.

    Cams for these older bows are starting to get harder to find, but are still around, so I would be open to SXT of different draw lengths too. 

  4. Getting rid of my brass I've been collecting.

    Don't know values of these so any input would be appreciated.

    7 boxes 300wsm Winchester nickle plated

    1 box 300wsm federal

    6 boxes 308 federal,nosler, Winchester

    1 box 300 blackout Remington hog hunter- nickel plated

    620 cases 300 blk-out misc in bags

    284 308 misc in bags

    258 45 acp misc

    212 223 misc

    118 9mm misc

    43. 38spcl + 4 rounds loaded

    9. 40 Cal

    I know they buy it by the pound locally, but I was hoping someone on here would have interest.

    Thanks, Kirk