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  1. I was trying to decide which caliber ar to build up last month, 6.8, .458, .500 beowolf, 6.5 grendel etc.. Decided on 300 blackout. Built up an Anderson lower with cmc trigger and a Radical upper. It shoots super's and sub's both fine with no issues. Have not tried suppressed yet, but in the future.

    The Radical firearms uppers are really cheap, so I took the gamble and tried them. Super happy with it, shoots as good as my eyes allow,with an eo tech 1x, until I put a decent scope on it. Think I'll try to get my first rifle javelina with it next year.

    Walmart is carrying 300 blackout ammo now so that is a good sign you can find ammo around.


  2. That bell bottom blind looks cool. Might give you a little more room to lay down. I think the double bull blinds are worth the extra money, they are much better quality and I prefer their material. The cheap blinds are more plasticy, especially the inner black coating. I can smell the plastic when its hot, so I know the animals can too. I've had mine over 5 years so they pay for themselves. Just can't leave it at a waterhole like a cheap one.

    I've set them up and taken deer an hour later. I've taken coues, muleys, elk, turkey and javelina out of my 5 yr old double bull. I may have to get a new window net before too much longer.

    For game cams, one word, covert. Again you get what you pay for. Good luck.

  3. Congrats. I had this tag (13a)last year and it was one of the best hunts of my life. Didn't get one of the monsters but saw so many great bucks. Take twice as much gas as you were thinking of taking, then take some more. Lots of ground to cover looking for those big muleys. And good luck and have fun..

  4. I don't think it is better later. The week before the youth hunt is amazing, the youth hunt weekend is great. The early hunt is usually good. The second hunt is OK. By the time the archery OTC hunt opens I think it is very slow. The birds become quiet after they fly down from their roosts. They are also very call shy, after hundreds of hunters drive through and stop and call every 100 yds.

  5. Spring hunt is 100x better than the fall hunt. Birds are gobbling and you can hear them. In the fall they are quieter, you can be a couple hundred yards from them and never know you were even close. In the spring you know they are there somewhere cause you can hear them.

    Go to some of the turkey seminars, Desert Christian hunters had a great one about a month ago, and little creek calls had one at sportsman warehouse last week. They will save years of a learning curve.

    I have been lucky enough to take 4 archery turkeys, all from blinds. Every time I draw on them out of a blind they catch the movement. They move faster than the agents from the matrix and just move out of the way of your arrow.

    As long as you can hit a big Mac size box at 30yds your good to hunt, just hold your shots to that distance or less. I would go out this spring, learn dome new units and start learning about them. Plus you get to see deer, elk, javelinas and even cows.

    Good luck, Kirk. Pm me if you need more info.

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  6. So I finally drew my first antelope tag. Unit 10 archery. I'm so excited. Did anyone else on here get one of the 800 antelope tags?

    I am looking to see if anyone else has the same hunt as me and would like to team up to scout,hunt etc.

    Since it is my first time, when do you start scouting? I usually don't even scout for elk till July 4th,because their patterns change.

  7. Cwt member Jim met up with me and my friend Steve on Friday morning to go out after stink pigs. He hooked us up with a herd he had patterned in a cave high up on the mountains by kingman. We chased those pigs for two days and had a really fun time. He even hauled Steve's pig down the mountain after dark for him.

    I can't express how awesome fellow cwt members are. Thanks again Jim for a fun javelina hunt.

    I had a great hunt even though I didn't take a pig. All the fun of chasing them and getting into herds without the mess and smell. If I didn't miss my shot I could have been eating javelina backstrap right now, instead of left overs.

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  8. I think even a natural brush blind works very well to help conceal your small movements. I use both natural and pop-up blinds depending on different factors. Sometimes the deer don't seem to mind one and won't come near the other, other times the opposite. Sure wish I knew why.. I often improve brush blinds while scouting even if I am not sure I will even hunt that area, but know it is an option for later.

    Pop-up blinds hold your sent in better but sometimes they can tell something is different in the area and seem to hang up around 100 yds out. Does and spikes will still come in but the bigger bucks are definitely more cautious.

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