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  1. countrykid

    Career opportunities in east valley

    If you have a CDL we are hiring. We might also be hiring a Blade operator. But just about everyone is hiring more or less
  2. countrykid

    Annual Clean out

    Ill take the jet boil if still available.
  3. countrykid

    Knoll fire

    Ya the Knoll fire is right at the turn off to my Grandpa's place. The Sherriff let my parents in, but they don't know if they are going to stay or not. They said it's burning up the Rim but is still super smokey. Said they passed people with 4 fires going in along Control Rd and the 29 Rd. I can't believe they haven't closed the forest yet at least to fires. And how stupid can you be to light off fireworks right now?!
  4. countrykid

    Tritronics pro 70 with collars

  5. countrykid

    Tritronics pro 70 with collars

    Do you still have these? If so I'll take them.
  6. countrykid


    Oh man I better grab a trailer and grab some then.
  7. countrykid


  8. countrykid


    I see a pretty good smoke stack north of the valley. Looks like Cordes Junction maybe?
  9. countrykid

    Early archery 27

    Premium Hunts
  10. countrykid

    Where am I?

    What?! You don't know where Virden is? Like they have said, it's across the river from Duncan,about 45 min. East of Safford. Looking back at the pictures and hearing the stories of what it used to be make it sound like the perfect place to raise a family.
  11. countrykid

    Where am I?

    My Grandma was born and raised in Virden, cool little town but I know it makes them sad every time we go back to see it now compared to what it used to be.
  12. countrykid

    CW concrete contractor needed

    Ya, I'm not under $3, but thanks for the referral Tres, but we're so busy right now I can't even think of doing side work.
  13. countrykid

    Concrete Slab Question

    I would go 6" with 3000psi w/ fiber. Putting rebar in will hold it together but it will crack like crazy. You'll be able to see exactly where your rebar mat is.
  14. countrykid

    Coues capes

    I have a buddy looking for a cape from a buck that was killed in either August or September. Do you know when these bucks were taken?