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  1. Dietz333


    Great deal!
  2. Dietz333


    TTT Great deal
  3. Dietz333


    Contact info?
  4. Dietz333

    ISO PSE Supra

    I have one in left hand? Only has about 10 shots through it
  5. Dietz333

    Tons of glass for sale

    It was nice doing business with you. Best transaction to date via CW.
  6. Where are you located?
  7. I can be reached @ 529-262-9677


    1. Dietz333


      Ok I’ll give you a call tomorrow evening. 

  8. Dietz333

    Badlands gear

    Are the packs still available?
  9. Dietz333

    Honda 2000i Generator **SOLD**

    Great price on a great Generator!
  10. Dietz333

    wtt.springfield xdm9mm for left hand compound bow

    I have a Pse xforce gx in LH brand new strings and cables.
  11. Dietz333

    2013 archery velvet coues deer

    Congratulations, I think we saw you going in on Saturday when we were coming out. We were in the all black rhino.
  12. Dietz333


    I will take the scope if it still available. Where are you located?
  13. Dietz333

    Looking for a Left Handed Bow

    xforce is the highest end in the Pse lineup!
  14. Dietz333

    Looking for a Left Handed Bow

    I have a PSE x force gx in LH 70lbs if you are Interested. It has brand new strings and cables as well.
  15. Dietz333

    Minox BD 15x58 ED BR

    I have plenty to trade, what do you need?