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  1. luvcoues

    Unit 9 help!!!

    I sent you a message with my phone number
  2. luvcoues

    Unit 9 help!!!

    I have the archery tag can help you out
  3. luvcoues

    Help me score some bulls! Added another picture

    The last bull will go 350 easy
  4. magnet, i wasnt being negative i just like looking at big bulls.
  5. luvcoues

    My unit 10 Archery Hunt- ADDED PICS

    great bull huge congrats to you and your guide. also really enjoyed the write up.
  6. keep these coming jay. i love the guess the score videos
  7. luvcoues

    2011 Bear UPDATE

    big congrats erik. and great video. oh yea great bear also beatiful
  8. luvcoues

    No longer an evacuee

    bill, glad to hear your cabin was spared. me and my wife spend a week in greer every summer suppose to go on the 23rd of july. if her asthma can handle it.do you know if the xdiamond made it ok?
  9. luvcoues

    Grongs wife needs our prayers!!

    great idea chef, this site has over 4000 members if everybody donated 1 dollar that would cover that first bill. i know that wont happen but any amount will help them out. i dont know either of them but i just made a donation . jim
  10. luvcoues

    Coues Wagon needs help!

    jay, i have a neighbor that works on them out of his home shop . dont know him personally but will get his # for you today. i think he is good as there is always people dropping off there atv's. jim
  11. luvcoues

    Boat knowledge needed

    hi coach, i have owned bass boats for the last 20 yrs. they do cost money to upkeep. but if you dont do it they end up like that boat. anyway there is a nice looking fish and ski on azbasszone.com buying a used boat can be a risk so always do a test ride, ask how many hrs on motor, and do a compression test. there are good deals out there take your time. if i can help in any way pm me and i will give you mynumber jim
  12. luvcoues

    Win a Rifle Railz/Loc Jaw Combination

    117 1/8 great buck.
  13. luvcoues

    Guess the score contest - April 2011

    127 2/8ths awsome buck.
  14. luvcoues

    Archery Elk Hunt

    fixed blade foresure. shuttle t or others fly good. just make sure you practice with them.