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WTT H4350/Primers for SRP & SPP

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Looking to trade primers only, will not sell primers.  

Wanted- *1-2K of Small pistol primers (all same primers), CCI450, or CCI#41

Trade SRP’s for SRP’s only (loading for AR) with the exception of F205’s, will trade them for SPP’s.  Will trade WLRP, F205, F210 for SPP’s

Will only consider trading the CCI#41 once all others are traded provided I don’t trade for CCI#41

Will trade the 8lb Keg of H4350 for 6K primers, not really looking to sell it as I have a lot into it with overpricing, tax, shipping, and Hazmat (Bout $360), but if you’re in desperate need we can talk.

Hopefully I didn’t make this too confusing as I already have some CCI450’s and only trading so I can have all the same SRP’s to load a bunch of .556 for consistency, 2 different primers max (450’s and 41’s).

I’m in Surprise today and tomorrow only.  6239oneo37fyve3 call/text51D772CB-FC20-4D47-B0A0-606E74E1A1B0.thumb.jpeg.3ad15726eaa9984a9960666a9ca795ce.jpeg

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I have 1800 CCI#450. I'd be interested in the CCI#41. I can make up the missing 200 in cash. I'm in Mesa and will be stuck at the house all week, but if you are passing this way back home we can make a deal. 

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