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Dad drew 34A late tag

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My dad and his buddy had been applying as a party for mule deer tags. They realized at their age that they were probably never going to draw the Kaibab or Strip, so they decided to put in for coues tags. They lucked out and drew late December tags in 34A. My dad has hunted coues with me one time on a January OTC archery hunt and his friend has never hunted coues at all.  If you are wondering why they applied for a unit they had no experience with, it's because my grandma lives in Tucson. They are getting soft in their old age and thought it would be nice to be able to go to town and get a shower every now and then. We live in Montana and I would love to go and help them, but due to some other circumstances I won't have enough vacation left in December. I have been on a couple coues hunts so I am helping them as much as I can, letting them borrow my 15x binos, tripod adapter, etc. I am trying to track down the contact info for the area biologist so I can put my dad in contact with him/her.

I was hoping to get some general info and advice on the unit. I doubt my dad's friend will be very picky but my dad will try to find a big buck. Do they need to get far away from roads or are there pockets that get overlooked where they could find a good buck? Are there any roads that are blocked off that maps don't show as closed? Any general areas you would recommend? Do they need ATV's or can they get around ok in a pickup? Any helpful advice on the unit would be appreciated and I would be happy to exchange deer and elk hunting info in Montana. Feel free to PM me and thanks in advance.

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Great hunt in a great unit. Lots of great areas and definitely doable without ATVs. PM incoming with more specifics. 

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