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Model Seven 243 YOUTH

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Factory stainless 20" barreled action with Crisp tuned 3# trigger. Super low Talley rings/bases JB Weld indexed to action and lapped. Blended Muzzle Break. Leupold VX2 3-9x33 Ultralight with still available turret credit for CDS and has Windplex Reticle. Pillar Bedded McMillan stock free floated and cut to 10.75 LOP with leather cheek piece to raise Comb for kids small face. Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. Rifle is an honest 1moa shooter for 3 at 100 yds with Berger 95 Classic Hunters and 1.5 moa with all copper Nosler e-tip for lead restricted areas.

  Just because he/she is a Kiddo doesn't mean they aren't worth a decent rifle sized just for them. This is good "as is" for most 8-12 yr olds and can be lengthed as needed.

  Comes with 75 rds of loaded Berger handloads (100 cases) and another 157 extra Berger 95gr classic projectiles for handloading. Also 20ish loaded E tips and another 25ish projectiles. Load data will be shared.


 1200. with youth plastic factory stock 12.5 LOP and also adult stock plastic factory stock

 1600. with custom McMillan stock 10.75 and other two stocks above

   100. for 75 Berger loaded rounds 1MOA

    30. for all other Bergers and Etips

1700. for all as a sighted in package







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