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Getting rid of the last of my archery equipment, and to save time I want to sell it all as a package.  I am taller with a 31” draw length, so everything works for a bigger/taller person but can also be adjusted to work with shorter draw lengths.  It includes 3 bows, 2 targets, arrows, broadheads, field points, release, armguard, serving string, string wax and more!  I am asking $450 and will meet at the Sportsmans on Greenfield and the US 60.  No trades. 

Target 1 - Yellowjacket Supreme 3 (excellent condition)

Target 2 – Rinehart Rhino Block (minimal use)

Bow 1 - Maddog Mutt 68" Recurve (46# @ 31") – Big Jim bow quiver

Bow 2 – Spyder 64" Recurve (30# @ 28")

Bow 3 – Hoyt AlphaMax 35 (60# – 70# / #3 Module, position E / Adjustable Draw length 29.5" - 31" / Tight Spot 5-arrow quiver / Wisker biscuit / Black Gold 5-pin sight)

11  - Gold Tip Trad Classic XT Arrows (Spine: 500)

5 - Victory V-force .245 carbon arrows

Scott Freedom XT (release)

Heavy duty leather arm guard

Leather 3-finger shooting tab

Leather XL 3-finger shooting glove

Archery photo 1.jpg

Target 2 - side b.jpg

Target 2 - side a.jpg

Ylw Jckt - side b.jpg

Ylw Jckt - side a.jpg

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Just now, McBain said:

The spine is 500 with a 10.2 GPI.


If you decide to split stuff I might be interested.

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