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Am I The Only One Calling?

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Most of us probably don’t realize it at the time, but once in a while we meet someone who is an example of the best our country can produce; someone who is a gift – the kind of person who changes lives in a positive way.

That was my impression of John Petrello.  I arrived in Sierra Vista too late to get to know him, but after a couple of visits I could tell what kind of man he was.  Humble, soft-spoken, intelligent – someone most of us would not think of as a no-foolin’ black-ops professional.  But he was.  And he was proud of it, as he should have been.  I never heard any details, and John wouldn't have talked about it anyway, but I suspect he helped arrange Judgement Day for some of the worst, most evil souls to ever threaten our country or our allies.

We were both suckers for blued steel and walnut – classic rifles and calibers, especially Winchesters, Brownings, Sakos.  Also Remington’s depending on model and caliber.

The obituary states that John was a good man, who feared and loved the Lord.  To me, and I am sure many others, he was absolutely that, and more.  He was the kind of man you wanted to be as a kid growing up, and the kind you would want your son to have as a role model.  He was intensely interested in hunting, shooting and conservation, and represented our community very well.  His church and the military no doubt the same. 

As requested, donations in John’s Memory have gone to Gun Owners of America and National Wild Turkey Federation.  I know John’s daughter is a hunter, and hopefully she and the rest of the family will find comfort in the sights and sounds and memories of a favorite hunting or glassing or calling spot.

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We need men just like that.............so many different ways to be a great person like that.................yesterday was a great reminder for me.............300+ responders ran into the jaws of death trying to help others....RIP John P.

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