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Kowa TSN-553--$1300

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Selling my Kowa TSN 553 sporting scope. In great condition.  15-45 fixed eyepiece. Objective and eyepiece covers.  Great little spotter. Feel free to contact me with questions. I know I haven't posted on here before and that will make some skeptical to buy. I specifically signed up on here to sell a few of my hunting items as this is a better community to sell to as opposed to Craigslist.  Only selling to thin out some of my hunting stuff. I have too much crap. I live in Chandler. Thanks for looking.






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1100 is an insane deal. At retail cost, I would take the kowa 553 or 554 over the swaro sts or ats all day long. Try finding a swaro ats 65 for 1100. The only reason this hasn't sold is because most people are clueless to how good these little scopes are and how good kowa is in general. Good luck with the sale man. If I didn't already own one I would take it off your hands. 

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Thanks Creed. I agree. I don't think people realize how good these little scopes are, and how much they've gone up in price over the last couple years. These will cost you $1900 new by the time you get tax and all. Only reason I'm selling is because I also have the big Kowa 88mm, and find myself using that unless I have to pack a long ways in. Which I rarely do now. Just thinning out the gear a bit. 

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