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Remington 700 LSS - .300 RUM

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Inherited this from my father, so I know little about it.  Remington 700 in .300 Remington Ultra Magnum.  Round count unknown.  It has the beautiful grey laminate stock.  The stock has some indents...I tried to take pics as best I could of the worst ones.  I know he never hunted this, I believe he only took it to the range.  He was gearing up to do a western hunt (he lived in NY) and thought "Bigger is better."  It is topped with a Steiner Hunting Z 3.5-10x50mm scope.  From what I can find, the scope was manufactured by Leupold using Steiner glass.  I know he bought the scope from a buddy back in NY, and it looks to have been hunted (read: scratches on the bell).  The gun is threaded (5/8x24).  I have my SilencerCo ASR quick detachment flash hider on it because I thought I would try hunting with it suppressed, but never did.  The ASR will come off, and I will have a thread protecter on it for you.  Asking $900 for gun and $225 for scope.

I have some ammo for it, and we can discuss pricing.  It is older Remington stuff he procured, and I think I have 3 boxes of Precision Hunter I bought out here.  

Sorry about crappy last pic of the bell...I will try to replace it...










Edit: located in Sierra Vista, but willing to meet part way to make a deal.  Travel to Tucson regularly.  Trips to Phoenix sporadically.  Hunting trip in 5b in a few weeks, so can deliver along the way...

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Nice rig... do  you know if it has a 26" barrel?

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Been in the woods for a week.  Finally caught up on PMs.  

The other deal fell through, so this is still available.  

Will meet up within reason to sell.  

Edit: scope was removed for the other deal, so I have both, but not mounted.

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Another year, another bump.  Rifle still available.  

I will be in the Phoenix area almost every weekend from now until Veteran's Day weekend for baseball, so I can get the rifle up to the valley.

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