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Akc standard poodles for sale (one boy left!)

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She  dont always  lool like she had a stroke  lolFB_IMG_1638141794677.thumb.jpg.8ccbfd02cc429920561a57059149d2f7.jpg

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22 hours ago, JFP said:

DutrchmanAZ - You need to get one of these pups.  Years ago my friend had one and we hunted him on everything, duck, dove, quail, pheasant.  If I didn't already have a 100-pound GermanShepard I would have grabbed one of these pups. Plus they are great family dogs.

Your two girls would love one. 

Doggone it JFP, I made the mistake of mentioning this thread, and your advice to the warden.  Seems she's interested.  I called to politely chew your hindquarters, but your wife calmed me down )).  I've left a VM for the seller, and will see what happens.  

Appreciate those posting the pictures.  I honestly had no idea of the versatility of this breed, but I do fear I may have to sip my tea with my pinky out should we pick one up.  And learn how to groom the dog myself.  Dog trimmers seem mighty expensive these days. 

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On 12/18/2022 at 5:11 PM, DutchmanAZ said:

It would be helpful for a price and background to be posted. I don't do instagram, nor will I sign up for it.  How about posting some more details? I'm no poodle expert, but I think they're a yapping breed, sensitive, and snooty.  Take a lot of grooming also.  More details please. 


Our standard poodle is our favorite dog ever! Quiet ,well mannered , loving great with kids and people. Alot more sporty than most people think and almost too smart for their own good. Plus the don’t shed at all. Everyone I know that has a standard has zero complaints. Get one ! 

and OP good luck with the sale !

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