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  1. DutchmanAZ

    2 Dbacks NLCS tickets

    I'll take them if available. PM inbound
  2. DutchmanAZ

    2016 Ram 2500 4x4 $32,000

    How would tune and deleted work from an emissions check perspective? I've sent this to a friend who may be interested, but suspect this would be his question. Thanks!
  3. DutchmanAZ

    Am I The Only One Calling?

    John passed away on 2 September. I'll miss him. Here's the obituary from the funeral pamphlet.
  4. DutchmanAZ

    Buck 110 Folding Hunter

    I have 2 of these. Perhaps there are better knives out there, but these have worked well for me for years.
  5. DutchmanAZ

    Roosevelt Crappie?

    2 July report: Well - Rosy crappie kicked my butt again. Absolutely nothing..zip..nada. Not even a sniff. Launched at Schoolhouse around 6:30 PM still hot as the front porch of heck. Screwed around a little across the lake and as the sun set made our way back towards the launch. Found brush piles/trees in about 20' of water. Lowered the lights and soon had a TON of small minnows once it was fully dark outside. A pair of friendly game and fish officers checked our licenses and we chatted for a bit. Fished with JD green grubs and minnows, plain hooked minnows on a split shot, other colors of jigs the same way, using slip bobbers or just dropping the line overboard. Fished various depths but no takers. Sat there until about 10:00 or so, with no bites other than from the damned bugs. Was still at 100 degrees or close at that time with no breeze, so we packed it in. Hard to believe with that much bait rising to the light we didn't get anything. Heard what I assumed to be bass jumping around, but I didn't have anything to throw their way. Thinking back, I don't think I've ever caught a crappie at Roosevelt. Plenty of bass, but the crappie certainly have the winning record. Stayed at the Roosevelt lake resort for the first time. Rooms seem to have been recently remodeled. Took a while for the AC to catch up to cool down the room, but it was good by the time we got back from fishing. The cafe/bar/restaurant wasn't bad. Their beer was ice cold.
  6. DutchmanAZ

    Roosevelt Crappie?

    Thanks for the update. Hopefully we'll have a bit better luck, but won't know until I give it a shot. I'll update this thread after the trip.
  7. DutchmanAZ

    Roosevelt Crappie?

    Plan to do some night fishing for crappie on the Salt end this coming Sunday. Assuming the standard lights, jig colors and minnows. I'd appreciate any pointers or recent reports, and I'll do the same after my trip. Thanks in advance.
  8. DutchmanAZ

    Labradar Chronograph

    shows how dumb I am. I thought you misspelled Labrador 😂
  9. DutchmanAZ

    WTB - Ruger/Luger/Colt semi auto pistol. 22 LR

    I guess I need to update my profile. SE Chandler, AZ
  10. DutchmanAZ

    WTB - Ruger/Luger/Colt semi auto pistol. 22 LR

    appreciate it but I'm looking for an older style. something along the lines of this.
  11. DutchmanAZ

    WTB - Ruger/Luger/Colt semi auto pistol. 22 LR

    That would be my first preference, but I could be tempted with revolvers also.
  12. As the title says. I missed out on the Colt a few days ago. Older but in good shape is fine with me. Thanks in advance.
  13. DutchmanAZ

    Picture in Private Message

    OK - here's what I did and it worked. On the top of the page to the right of your username is a "Create" box. Select that and in the drop down select "status". From there you should be able to upload a photo, and then use that in a PM (when you select "Insert other media --> insert existing attachment" Weird method, but it worked for me.
  14. DutchmanAZ

    Picture in Private Message

    I have the same question and would appreciate any help. Thanks!